Can anyone help me figure out a replacement for my light bulb?

Died on me while I was passed out. Ive been trying to figure out its size.

It says GE120V40WCHINA120V40W on the base. So i already big brained up the 120 v and 40 w parts. On the glass of the bulb it says e13s. I cant figure out what that is but I assume its the actuall glass model number or something.

I just wanna make sure I dont get the wrong bulbs because ima have to have them delivered and im not tryna find out they are wrong.

@Slasher_Clone any ideas lol?

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No, I have the same issue finding bulbs for my bathrooom.

Shieet. Im in an old ass house so im hoping these fuckers arent so old they arent being made anymore.

Ge is the Brand if bulb, China is the shape If you bring the bulb into your local hardware store they should be able to help you.

I just yolod it and ordered bulbs that look damn near exactly the same (shape is slightly different but the bulbs were 10+years old so ima roll with it) with the same v/w. Should be okay.

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Is the thread the same tho? That is going to be ur issue.

That was the part I made sure was as perfectly similar as possible. Hard to tell when ordering online. I think I got it tho.

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Ordering something like that online is rather weird to me, wouldn’t it have been easier to go to the hardware store? Unless you live like 50 plus miles away from civilization

It would be if I had a car or it wasnt 120 degrees outside nearly.

But unfortunately this happened during the worst heatwave

This ones are called eco saving bulbs but cost a bit more but are super dope and dont hurt your eyes as much with the light they produce… and should a lot longer…

They are also universal but yeah

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Oh you in cali? Sorry man. I hope you are safe out there.

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Thankfully im kinda deep into the city so ive got about 30 miles of civilization between me and the nearest fire.

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Im glad

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Post a pic of it in your hand please. And what did it come from? A lamp? An overhead fixture? An appliance?