FixYourGame99 YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!

I’ll be catching you in a FT squad and you’ll be the first I’m taking on. And I’m going to do you slowly got that! I’m going to mess with you, throw some bear traps and some noise distractions.
Make you all goosy!

Sounds like you were buttfucked raw.

he’s troubled. he’s pming thinking i’m a moderator.


He doesn’t know I’m the pseudo-mod? I do have a few moderator powers glitched onto my account, as well as being notified whenever someone utilizes @IllFonic.

Ain’t paid a dime though, so I ain’t gonna abuse it or actually moderate for IllFonic.

welp, he was goin off on me saying he will get a lawyer for imposing my “moderator” powers on him. He hasn’t posted in a week so his PM is somewhat of a surprise. I’m think if I were a moderator i would probably not care. I mean its been dead lately and @Fire, Rey ray and Finess haven’t been much fun. I guess they all got jobs. Sadly.
Now this knob FixYourgame is giving me grief on the downlow. i Swear he better not be tripping.

@TheSenate I’m under attack! Should I raise RED ALERT?

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Do what must be done. Do not hesitate, show no mercy.

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What is his game tag again?