Give me realistic damages in a Sequel

I want to see a minigun cut a Predator in two…

I want to see a disc cut a Fireteam member in half…

I want to see a Plasma bolt rip through the torso of a Fireteam member…

I want to see a Predator get rocked through the dome with a high powered sniper rifle…

I want to see a bear trap rip off a Fireteam members leg.

I want to see a Predator explode taking a direct grenade hit.

Give me 1 match where the damages are realistic. Just 1.

Take out the Medkits. Replace them with adrenaline boosters. Add bleed damage to all weapons.

Ffs, hire me as the lead developer in a sequel. Throw in a mission that cross licenses into the alien franchise where you can play an xenomorph, rogue, while the Fireteam and Predator clash.

I really hate the potential wasted on this game. It’s fun but in that love/hate way.

Looking forward to Alien Dark Descent. Decent story. Human Hybrid Xenomorph.


Grenades make predators do flips maybe gives a concussion.

Remember Predators 2010. Mr Black took 4 grenades point blank from Royce.

Everything else you said tho spot on 👌🏿.

Thing is when you add that kinda realism how to make it fun? No one wants click respawn every 60 seconds and no one wants to spectate the remainder of the match because they died first.

Maybe have 5 different killers per FT member one dies the next one parachutes in like in predators 2010.

You have to free a captured predator, steal a predator ship, or kill 3 players predators each with 2 of their own predators. To win.

If a predator player dies he can have another custom predator land on the map but this offers FT another escape route if he dies and they get his wrist comp?

Still dying in the blink of an eye in a game back to back might not be so fun. Better have a predator killer suit on the map some place for newbies.

It can be an equalizer/handicap for really good preds vs scrubs. But make an option to vote at matchmaking menu wether to have that shit in the match or not.

Less mags per firearm (but you can find more around the map and on dead bodies)

Predator plasma over heats faster and deactivated if used more than 10 shots or so for a short time (jh87 and Mr black squad spammed about that many in films when pissed maybe this can be a special ability)

Pred healing takes longer and doesn’t fully heal.

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Honestly, 4 grenades should have destroyed Mr Black. He should have been transformed into a big pile of green goo. He takes 4 grenades and then suffers a sniper shot to the chest, but can take 4 grenades? No, lol. A grenade should obliterate a Predator.


I agree if Lt Mike Harrigan’s 12ga shotgun downed city hunter for some minutes then yea grenades shoulda made green burger meat.

But maybe it’s because he’s ‘super’

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If I had lead design on a sequel game, you’d see blood and body parts everywhere. Everything would be hyper realistic. Sure, the matches could potentially be short, but more than likely they would average being long as each side would approach cautiously knowing the damages are realistic, and 1 bad decision or 1 bad tactical move and it’s game over.

It could lead to some interesting scenarios of traps and ambushes. That’s my big gripe about the gaming industry, they are moving forward with graphics… But the games themselves aren’t evolving. It’s like they just don’t get it. Focusing on VR, but not focusing on mechanics for the large part.

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Yea I get what you’re saying. I think about my days with soldier of fortune 2 when you say body parts everywhere.

Is your avatar from Deus ex?

This whole discussion makes me think of avp2 on pc or Avp 2000 from sierra.

Avp2 vanilla was fun and arcade ish in terms of gameplay. But then Russian modders made AJL MOD for avp2.

It was more realistic and a lot of fun. If mods were allowed for all games that would keep games alive much longer.

Guess it’s all about the dollar? I don’t understand why after some years when a game dies/stops making money…why devs/publishers don’t allow modders to take over.

Could be a malware issue.

Buff FT nerf pred

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Name 1 pvp game with a gore system like you’re describing.
AvP2 people explode but its an arena TDM.
That colonial marines server on SS13?

Modders = less money and if its a big company they’re expected to police the mods which is why they’re given strict mod tools now instead of the ability to inject whatever they want.
Modding in AvP2 was only that extreme because the community had access to the source code & the engine was retired. That also put it into copyright hell so it never got a Steam release.

These people want to sell DLC for recolors and modders defeat the purpose of their ripoff live service models.



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It is so tiny

As I was saying,

Realistic damage is too intensive for the normies.

Any multiplayer game with bonebreak people just complain OH THIS IS SO FUN MY KNEECAPS WERE SHATTERED NOW IM STUCK IN A LIMP ANIMATION FOR 20 MINUTES.
And then people come in metagaming as anklebusters and your game is just annoying to play now.

Kind of like Rust with kidnapping, outside of RP its just to annoy the other person instead of killing them.
You have to have some kind of server culture and enforcement or people are just going to metagame the shit out of sandbox maiming mechanics.

It’s like when slugging was big in DBD

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is rust any good

No its a failed social experiment

Blessed AJL mod enjoyer

Are russians still playing on that server?

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runs off happily to warzone 2

Fuck all of you, EAT FLAMES.

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Jerk offs.


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Why? You out here losing?

Sad times bruh bruh. Sad fn times