How help

Apparently Jason’s mask is the same mask throughout all of the movies but it always changes shape color and looks different throughout all of the movies

His mask gets destroyed in part 7, and it shows him getting a new one in 8

The predator is the same predator in every movie. It just keeps changing looks. So weird.

What? 😄

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Jason never “dies”

No I mean like Jason 4 3 6 the axe hit damage mark gets bigger and the mask gets thicker

Oh okay, yeah that’s probably just mistakes on the creators parts because they didn’t reuse the masks from previous films.

Daddy December gives all the good boys and girls toys every Christmas

Yeah. I was just trolling. I know nothing about the F13 franchise.

You aren’t missing much , they ended up like Elm Street and it was rinse and repeat mostly.


Scream was right, first ones are always the best :/

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Yip , I stopped watching scream after the third movie as well , the first 2 were OK.

F13th was all over the place and Elm Street i never understood the hype it had , most of them sucked ass.

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The first one was pretty funny and had excellently-done effects for the time (apart from the inflatable doll being pulled through the window at the end, but that contributes to the ‘funny’ more than it detriments the effects score). Horror movies never really have terribly interesting plotlines anyway. I don’t know how the fuck they planned to explain the bogus prophecy at the end of the 2nd ‘It’ movie, for instance.

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Any hope for the new Scream? Looks like they might be going a little more supernatural on this one.

I hope not. I hate it when they ride something into the ground that was once good, and make it shit.

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