James Cameron Vs Predator

This is the upcoming James Cameron dlc. It will not be paid. A gift to the fans.

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So i dont need to buy it for a code?

Such a code would be beneath James Cameron.

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Free James Cameron


I would buy if it came with a smartgun

You’re not loved, you’re a fucktard

NEXT DLC: Maj John McTiernan, Sgt. James Cameron and Lt. Ridley Scott is what we need!

Lmao dont forget Cpt. Shane Black

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I’m afraid Shane was excommunicated after the last movie.

Such hatred. You need a hug. From a xenomorph.

You need a long step of a cliff

Surely a short step would be sufficient? Did James Cameron trophy you or something?

You need to relax. James Cameron can arrange a vacation on LV426 if you like. The air is now breathable.

People like you need to find a hobby, but walking off a cliff is a good start get back to me after you’re done

Alien : Resurrection is the best of the series. The lesbian scene with Wynona Ryder and Sygourney Weaver was made that much better when the xeno got involved. We all owe @James-Cameron a great deal of gratitude for this magnum opus! Hail!

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You a fucking boring no sense of humor having bitter fuck. Lame ass.

There is so much flavors and you choose to be salty… Classic braindead trash

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I’ll take that as a compliment from you, first to die twice and blame everyone but yourself that was in your fireteam saying they suck and you call me lame lmfao

I just dont find him amusing or informative and this forum isnt here for peoples personal entertainment, trolls need to find some better Avenue for all that creativity

Oh that was you? Lmao I love when ppl twist my words.
You mother fuckers werent covering shit, nobody was playing as a team.

How the fuck am I not gonna pissed cause your dumb ass ain’t helping or paying attention.
Ya of course ima get pissed, I thought I had a team.

I didnt have that problem with the ppl i normally play with.
Is that what your fucking problem is?
Is that why you wanna start shit?

Cause I forgot all about that.

Look, you can keep this shit going, or you can hop your ass in party, and talk this shit out.

What you wanna do, act childish or act mature?

You’re talking shit on James there for no fucking reason, other than you have no sense of humor.
So I called you out on it.

You wanna have some little high school drama we can keep going at it.
You wanna actually stop this shit and move on let me know.
But I’m not going to let you keep talking shit to someone who doesnt start shit with people.

So your move.
You wanna keep this shit going or you wanna be mature?

Incorrect, you dont even know how to start discussion in civil ways… Trash talking isnt civil you dont belong here