No, lowering the graphics is not cheating, no matter what you say/think

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you’ll die form i guess a belly bruster?

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I think you know where this about to go

that very hypocrite to say that man you are trying to justify the abuse of that “Win button” like you love to call it using the old good “The Dev HAVE CREATED IT SO ITS NO EXPLOIT” but the problem IT IS, and keep trying to justify its abusing use instead of trying to solve the problem ITS BAD lets face it ITS BAD and show a clear lack of skill if people rely on it for win against predator because in normal settings people who abuse would not win that much and would have an actual challenge against the pred.

but no instead of trying to solve it you call out people and tell them to shut up and just deal with it because by reading you’r message you DONT WANT that to change

in doing so you are as much as guilty as the dev for that and even more as the developpers never intended to make the low settings such a big of an advantage for FT and Predator alike.

EDIT: for peoples who agree with me lets make a damn post in the feedback for ask Illfonic to change that up in the futur and for the other stop using it and show that you have actua skill and that you dont need a damn exploit for win games. (expect if you play on a potato computer who can barely handle mid graphic, in that case you are forgiven)

Then don’t spend a thousand on a pc get a damn 500 console their clearly superior


What I want to know now is what exactly happend in those woods??? XD

uh no? XDDDDDD

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Lmaoaooa I mean he’s complaining about halfing to turn down settings for a console game 😂 don’t play on pc I never half to turn down shit 🤣

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it makes me Fucking Die inside to see people that think Exploits are a Lidgit way to play.

XDDDD yeah i know, its just the bane of our existence for pc pred and FT player alike, at that point its a morale question to do it or not, free win or challenging win, that and the fact that illfonic is not going to optimize the game for pc any time soon. the only way i see that to change if that multiple people gather proof of how much of a problem it really is and justify the need to atleast making the lowergraphic less game breaking

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ikr? its because they think they are doing like pro player on high well know EA sport but there 2 big problem about that

  • PHG is not a triple AAA game and have a lot of optimazation and bug problem

  • exploiting that bug give you the fake impression that you are godlike with sniper riffle and other weapon but when you come back on more demanding game like CS’GO COD Battlefield hell even overwatch you realise that you actually suck and so you come back on that say game for try to heal you’r ego and feel god like again

People here talking about how the game drop frames on PS4 below 30… and then come and say the game plays better on PS4 and can’t compete against gaming pc’s… really?

y’all talking about shit you clearly don’t have any idea of what it is.

My rig runs AAA titles like Doom Eternal on Nightmare settings at 150+ FPS… and then this game runs around 90 FPS on the lowest settings.

What part do y’all still don’t understand that NO ONE is able to run this game on high settings on a 1440P @144Hz ? What part you don’t understand that if we let graphics settings to default (Epic) we have to play this on a 720P @ 60Hz monitor and we still will get frame drops below 30?

Is not cheating. Period. Unlike consoles, we actually have the option to lower the graphics to achieve the performance THIS GAME SHOULD HAVE. If consoles don’t have that option, take it to the developers, but don’t play with crossplay on and then come talk shit when you lose giving excuses that you did so because “we are cheating”.

And also, other PC pred players are saying the same thing, those going even beyond and accuse good players of using aimbots and wallhacks (Honestly, I wish I had these tools sometimes, so when salty preds come saying stuff like this I can show them what real cheating feels like).

Performance is crap. We will do anything to get at least a stable 60 FPS gaming experience. You think that’s cheating? Turn crossplay off and enjoy the gameplay of a 5th gen console because developers cannot make a game that can run at modern framerates.

If I wanted to play a first person shooter that runs at 25 FPS I would fire up my N64 emulator and load Turok.

Ps4 cant compete with pc cause k+m vs controller… Yeah yeah this game sucks on both pc a ps4…
RIP all ps4 and pc

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yea it used to be that way. i havent notice this issue on ps4 on the most UP to date release how does something in the past update effect the most up to date one? im having problems with the whole fucking theory here.

Movie reenactments

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Comparing this exploit to low frame rates is as different as stealing money is to earning money. Low frame rates aren’t a choice all players have. You chose to lower your graphics with the intent to cheat and see the predator. Quit excusing your trash methods of winning. Play a fair game or quit playing.

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