Reason why overgrowth (Map) is missing

While I agree that Aliens being done right would be cool, I still disagree with their general inclusion. I wanted a Predator story that wasn’t a Comic Book to stand on it’s own two legs for once without the support of Alien. While the two are linked and all, Alien always manages to make stories that don’t rely on Predator, while the other useally has to. For as great as Concrete Jungle is, it does this as well.

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I think for most forms of media its become integral for Predator while I’ll I wish alien didnt have to be involved it seems univoidable now a days

Thats because AVP did such a good job at creating an explanation for how the two coexist that its pretty much canon nowadays.

Still, Predator can stand apart from Aliens imo. Companies just cant resist aliens for long enough to make it happen, thats all.

A reason I think Predator can’t get away from Aliens is because aside from humans what else have we seen them hunt (I’m speaking from someone who has only watched the movies and games)
Until we get a Predator movie without humans and Aliens we will never have a truly Predator only game experience

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If they introduce Wolf or Scar into the game there would be a need to do a knod as to their significance to the game…not saying you’ll downright see xenos in there. Maybe a trophy skull though that would be cool.

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Thats true.

We need that T-rex alien(not xeno) from Predator 2 or Amengi.


So I was able to replicate it again here is a photo dump. Also when cloaked it shows up green so if its graphical glitch its really well detailed one.

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Loving it! I dunno what it is!

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Its got me running on hamster wheel trying to figure it out or test different scenarios I’ll keep looking into it.


why would they put the effort? or maybe no-effort.

No no no
You keep that abomination making shit away from this game and me

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I want to kill that Mutant Alien T-Rex so fucking bad. Both as Pred and FT.

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Hunting alien animals would be cool as hell

So none of the blood is black or silver its the lighting its all green no matter the map it just depends on postion and lighting. Also the blood splatter has black burn marks on the walls of tower similar to a plasma based weapon shot effect, its very blocky but its defiantly intresting(possibly its corrosion)

Yep it a graphical glitch
And I’m sticking to that logic until Illfonic proves me wroung

Fair enough.

This seems too detailed to be just a random graphical glitch.

This is a lighting/rendering issue most likely. Xenos are coming though. Why else is there a shuriken? This weapon first showed up in AVP I think. There was also a datamined map called excavation.