Be careful with Sambain “SamHack” uses paid Hack programs, wallhack, Aimbot, etc, etc. with a probability of winning of 90%
Hos is going to chase you all over the map.
Accuracy of 100% with Aimbot activated
Samhack has many accounts…one of them is something like: !"$%&//$?&¿O_O%ª, nofap2023, misbetterbrother and has more accounts, several in this same Forum.

His whole life is like this… cheating to stand out from others… he seeks prominence… something that traumatized him since he was little because nobody paid attention to him and he had to resort to steroids to change his body… of type lepsotomic… with many complexes
Now in games he resorts to Hack programs and talks about other players to attract the attention of other players… perhaps as a child he was the victim of some kind of bullying and was traumatized.
Or he saw his mom with a guy with a big stick…he sucks that he sucks…that he sucks and he was traumatized.
His mental trauma is unknown exactly, but it is evident that he is a person with a self-complex, insecure…he must repeat himself over and over again…I am the best…I am the best…(it is already known that a lie told a thousand times becomes a truth) in his twisted and backward mind.

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Nose Scope

I found evidence of this well known cheater, here he can be exploiting his nose


It is possible that he has complexes about his nose, remember that he is mestizo… He is not an indigo from Brazil, perhaps he is of European or Turkish descent.



Did Sam play as a Predator in the match with you or a soldier? Where is the match where he cheats?

look at his videos, it is seen on several occasions that he uses Hack

only someone who does not understand Hack will not realize that he uses

You’re Fantasma right ?
Bruh , every time I’ve played with you … you use support field medic and hide in glitched spots on the map while you watch the potatos get slaughtered by the pred
Then, when I kill the pred ,you run to shoot it and defuse😂
Yous a biatch😂

If you are gonna make a thread about me at least post some of my videos

you lie like a scoundrel…everyone who plays with me knows that this is a lie.
go and jump with your fucking mother and suck it to SamHack

Surely this video doesn’t show that you’re cheating…

You’re such an idiot that you think you can fool the whole world

You use Hack programs to detect and win the games and you continue to lie… you’re a fucking self-conscious… a great bitch must be your mother… a dog is born from a bitch

I saw a clip in which Sam detonates a barrel and leaves you to die and another in which Samhak kills you playing as a Predator… I will check in detail to find out what programs he uses, both as a soldier and as a Predator…

I also shot the barrel to make me sepukuo because he wouldn’t leave me alone

SanHack is a son of a bitch and I wish the death of his entire family, even if he has little brothers and that the mother’s bitch dies, a disgusting bitch sucks a bitch that should die a painful death just like the other grandmother bitch prostitute and I hope the whole family dies, brothers, sisters whores all around her is a son of a bitch, a fagot with a complex, a piece of shit as a brat and I hope the whole family dies.

and I shit on the dead of all those who are in their favor and I hope that all their families die painfully and slowly, because as they say… God makes them and they get together… well, let them all die and their families, from 6 generations onwards… all burst like dogs

At least he defused the gauntlet at least? You just don’t appreciate a good team mate 😄

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Death to all cheaters, hackers, those who use the exploits of the grenade launcher and those who have infinite life@@… SAMHECK is very lucky. In his matches, he finds the predator wherever he is and locates him…

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You have to be an idiot to believe what he says…
He says that I am on a rock…and that when he kills the predator I run and deactivate the Bomb…and you believe this??? do you really believe this??? I’m not that fast to get out of the rock…run to where the dead predator is…and defuse the bomb…impossible!!! only an idiot…would believe it.

And he leaves evidence that he is such an idiot… that he doesn’t even know how to lie.

then you must also die…because you also use Exploits…you get inside the rocks…you imitate me…that makes you an opportunist and a gonorrhea…and that’s it …to speak clearly…that your gypsy whore mother dies…she doesn’t wash her, she’s a slut gypsy

With your Romanian dead

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you’re just a tick… you’re looking for something… like when you approached Aston so that he could tell you his tricks…to pichurrias like you… I see them coming from afar… you’re a son of a bitch…



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I never cheated, but you cheated. You used rocket launcher exploit… Who’s gay?? It’s the ghost this time… But where are your bodyguards?? Babas and Mr Mojo?? They were supposed to protect you from Samhain…