The science thread

@Anyt1m3 this ones just for you.

Il try and post whatever science like stuff I find randomly in here.

@TheSenate you as well lol

These are pretty interesting.


Thanks @Fire , I’ll check it out later.

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I’ve seen these two vids never watched em.
Going to now tho, maybe later.

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rosos basilisk is a panzy
im gon fuckin be dead of old afge before itz invented

ill wathc infohazards when im less drunk
also fun fact, get yourself a vaccum cupoard, some technetium and white pjosphorous and put em all in a paintball gunand you got yourself a pocket-sized war crime

the exotic elements are totally legal to buy XD
even tho technetium is radioactive and white phos is literally used in incendiary rounds
aigh night night bois

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I’ve got a few in my “watch later” on YouTube. 4th dimension explanations, Fermi paradox. Neat stuff

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One of the craziest ones to me was this video I watched about atoms or something of the sort, that cant really be studied because they disappear or change in some way when directly observed.

I just found it crazy how something like that exist.


Is the basilisk experiment meant to represent faith and possibility of hell, in Christianity at least? Nobody is scared of that sheet so would anyone take this seriously?

Roko’s basilisk was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard when I was a young teen, still dumb now

A. It’s physically impossible to accurately simulate people to this degree. Even a small scenario with two possible outcomes makes it innacurate even with a higher possibility.

Even as a percentage change it’s a dice roll

B. Mindless torture has no benefit to humanity. A painless death sure, torture no, humanity even for that second is made worse than nessacary.

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You guys dont seem to understand it.

It’s the concept that’s interesting.
It’s an a.i. that once you know about it you have to help create it, or else you’ll get tortured.

You guys really dont find that interesting?
The concept of knowledge that simply learning about it creates all forms of chaos?

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It kinda falls apart when it reaches the part of AI being able to predict individuals actions from analysis of past, as @Eshtion mentioned. At best you can do that for populations. Too me it smells to much of religious damnation so i have a hard time taking it seriously. Maybe it was a bigger deal in the past. Right now, people’s mind wouldn’t hold on to something like this for a long time and after 5 minutes would already be thinking about the new Fortnite gun.

The idea of future influencing the past is interesting and you kinda see it every day in planning, but the scenario is too far out there.

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I can see where you’re coming from.
To me its mainly the concept.
It’s a really good horror theme, more like a creepy pasta then a horror movie however.


I just think of a demon or some other world that pulls you in the moment you learn about it.

It can be a more lighthearted tone as well tho.
Something good.


Well I can’t deny that

What I can deny is the intelligence behind it

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We have to think up something like that to scare illfonic into making some meaningful content for phg 😂


Lmao indeed, @TheSenate that’s your task.


What is space-time?

In the future we will send our dogs to space