2 Predators Vs 6 FT revisited


A ton of folk in our community have been trying to rejuvenate @DisturbedLlama 's game mode and it honestly has been a TON OF FUN!

@Kassinaillia if it’s possible to pass this idea off to the devs, it was truly a night of just nonstop fun and wild times!

Using Disturbeds concept of the mode, we used the modifiers to have:

  • minimal hud (no one knows who’s on who’s team, so it’s simply preds vs humans)

  • friendly fire so everyone can kill everyone (some gear and ranged weaponry doesn’t affect same team preds and FT)

  • modifiers to adjust the new number of players in game (health, pred and ft dmg, movement speed of preds, and gear on both sides) to lean slightly towards pred favor due to the FT size.

  • 10 minute matches go keep it fresh.

  • biggest kicker, when a pred dies, FT now have an opportunity for everyone to try to kill anyone, to achieve the new Predator slot (this was the NEWEST addition to our game, cause we tweaked the balance to actually have Predators nit survive the whole game)

Truly a night to remember! @NomadClan @Weevo540 . Can’t remember the last time we had 8 people playing for so long in such a long time xD

This needs to be created, it’s just too awesome :)


I wish I could have played longer. Definitely want to go again this weekend it was cool

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If we get the people, it’s happening!


Would also love one day, if a handful of the team are free and willing, to give it a go for fun :)

Not that you guys dont just mess with the game back at the office (make your own modes)

On stream, off stream. Just a night or day of fun :)

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I can definitely stand by @Elliott626 decision for this game mode! It felt amazing, refreshing, and it actually had a indescribable feeling of joy that this could bring us closer to something the movies did and what other Predator properties failed to do. I do have videos of said events that took place yesterday and weeks ago, and you can honestly hear the excitement in my voice. I highly suggest taking a interest in this to the team of @IllFonic & @Kassinaillia


Just hire @Elliott626


Hire all of us!!! Lmao xD

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Hire me as CEO, I’ll make great changes to the company. First change, all employees must make fun of @Fire daily. Second, call @Forever_Mello boring. Third, spread my message of humbleness and greatness. Fourth, repeat the first change. That is all.


Who knows maybe they’ll make it into an actual game mode you could queue up for.

Wow, I never realized you can add more than one Predator in a private match!?

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Is there any video of the game you all had?

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https://www.twitch.tv/626drums/v/1210333202?sr=a&t=7339s .

Just have to skim through the twitch video :)

Super fun and wild times!!!

I dont understand some how you got this to work? Or is this refering to some drug affected game night?

Anyways, to put it simply this is a clash mode that allows Only those who don’t die as pred, to …i dont know…get their fill. Otherwise, if they die (and they do die) its whoever is up next. So…asides from the friendly fire, this is just trash.

Oh, and let us not forget the Potato PS mentality here. You’re not going to win as a PS player anyway.

Ohhh I see, you’re doing a clash mode. Pretty cool. I thought you were somehow doing “Hunt” and started out with multiple Fireteam members and two Predators.

Very cool though, looks like fun for sure. Hopefully we get a version that allows more FT/ Predator’s onto the map.

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Basically felt like hunt.

But when the preds die, it’s a battle royale with 1 pred on the lose killing everyone xD

We did different versions:

  1. All 6 ft together and moving around the map like missions.

  2. Separated all around the map (2010) Predators style. Had to find eachother and group up to survive!

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6 or 8?

6 fireteam vs 2 Predators.

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That was fun man we should do that again!!!

Here’s the stream

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how did u get 2 preds

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