About Spotter

It’s very unfortunate, but Spotter was able to slow down the Predator’s movement significantly.
But here are a few questions that arise.

  1. do I have to spot it myself to make it work?
    How long does it last?
  2. is it only movement speed and jump speed that are decelerated?
  3. is there a countermeasure?

About 1
Does it work if others spot or UAV reveal it like Sniper does?

About 2
Does it work the whole time it’s being spotted? Do you have a set amount of time?
This has very important implications for the loadout

About 3
Does it slow down the motion of melee weapons, the charge speed of long range weapons, the flight speed of smart discs and combsticks, etc.?

About 4
Doesn’t the Predator have a way to release the spots or increase the speed of movement?


Predator can’t drop the “Spotted” dot on himself.

Predator can sprint and that’s the only increase of his speed while moving, apart from leaping.

Patch Notes 2.09 (Hotfix)
Spotting change a little bit
Testing is required on how much it’s changed

I have verified that Spotter…
It seems to no longer have an effect on Predator.
(I’m not even sure if it was originally there…)
At least when running 50m, I didn’t feel any change.

Spotting warning. It is becoming frequent pc/ps ft squads start to spot you even when you’re taking a shit fully cloaked under a tree or when you are very far from them. Chasm? Low graphic resolution? Supernatural skills power? It smells a little bit of cheating. What happens next they chase you all over the map so pred can’t basically play. It is game ruining so maybe a look at this would be appreciated. Did happen also to you guys?

Was watching @Kid_Scoutz play last night with his squad running Spotter and Sniper specialisation and the perk which gives you longer spots. Spotter works disgustingly well, and can counter the leaping bow user effectively.


That’s such a garbage mechanic. A highlighter outline that slows the predator down. What a joke.

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I’ll have to give it a shot. I’ll be sad to give up amphibious though.

Amphibious Recon w/ Double time = Speed boat

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After the first spot the following ones are very easy to do because with Tracker perk you will stand spotted for 6 seconds so they can keep marking you even across the map. There is no cheat or insane skill or low graphic, just broken perk in multiple fireteam members.

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It’s disgusting…We killed endless amounts of predators with it. At first I thought it was only a nuisance of a perk but now with the way we use it. It’s downright broken 😅

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No cheats. Just one broken and unbalanced perk that now has a stupidly OP specialization to make it more annoying than it was beforehand. Also as for full invisibility you are invisible not silent. You can discern the location just from the clicking alone.

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Sounds like we need to set up a private match.

Well we are taking challengers as shadow said. We already owe @KameofWar a rematch from last time. I’m still waiting on his reply.

Okay. I think I left my PlayStation on so I’m not actually online right now, but I’ll be home in about an hour or two at the most. Are you guys available during the day or night?

Yes we will be available. My PlayStation is on as well, but I’m babysitting my nieces atm. But everyone will be on in a few hours.

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Spotter + Reacon = hell for the predator

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No kidding. The people we had last night were not bots either. I’m uploading a video today just to show how broken and stupid this tactic is to go against.