Alpha Pred Figure/Code where to buy

For people who want the Alpha in game Amazon has it for $60 while Entertainment Earth has it for $30 plus tax so $40

Good Luck cause these things are gonna sell out

Edit: illfonic will release Alpha Pred to the masses both PC and PS4 it’s in a mater for months. This NECA release is just for people who want the Figure and early access.

Edit 2- More Discussions have come out saying Alpha Predator might not come to PC as of this time I am unsure please don’t quote me if it doesn’t come to PC I’m as confused and you are.

Entertainment Earth-$30 plus tax and shipping

Amazon-$60 idk about tax and shipping
NECA Predator: Ultimate Alpha Predator 100th Edition Action Figure


Legit just go to toy wiz the pre order is like $30 my lil bro got it a month ago and I was hype to find out imma be able to play as alpha

How does your Brother have it if it’s on pre-order now?

Ya fuck that I ain’t paying 40$ for a dlc fuck ifflonic all’s this game was is a money grab for neca and ifflonic or atleast this skin and up coming update will be. How are you just going to charge 7.99$ for Dutch. But then make it we’re the pred players have to buy a fucken toy to get the dlc code 🤣🤣 this company is a joke

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He pre ordered it a while ago he didn’t get it yet lmao my bad said it wrong

You good just confused

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They said it’s an Alternate method to get the Alpha probably just earlier for people who buy the toy. Maybe after a month or two they will release it for $6.99

Damn IDK if this is good marketing, or now I should consider PHG as a mobile game made to pay for each steps and sell toys ? I really hope this game is not a just shell, and they put minimum efforts in it just to sell side shits…


We have to wait and see what illfonic does next but you can’t deny they put some effort in the patches. It’s clear they care about Predator it’s unclear if they care about making the game last


This is good marketing. They sell games and they sell figures. The DLC will come in a month or two


Well neca has been making pred for years and the game just decided to take the concept and add one of the preds into the game 🤷‍♂️

Hopefully we will see more NECA inspired figures same with comics

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Yes plssss the neca figures are very unique and a lot are just concepts they came up with and
Comic pred so I hopeee we get legendary preds well not them as classes I want to see more mythic iteams to boost drop rate and there’s iteams like

ahabs mask
ahabs armor for the hunter
ahabs spear skin
That all can be mythic drops 🤷‍♂️ Or you can just by it with V it would make the game last longer I think cuhz ppl would put more effort to get these iconic things


Supposed to be this month, we’ll cross fingers and have faith !

Why would they do a limited release for Alpha code with a $30 figure and just release it to the masses for $6.99. Business wise that doesn’t make sense

My dude are you saying once you preorder the Alpha Predator you get the code right away or at a later date? Does it come with the box in the mail or is it an electronic code you get?

Most likely you get the code in the Box once the Figure is shipped to you.
If you pre-order the Figure now, it comes out July at some date. Keep in mind this Figure is in a limited run with the code.
I predict the Alpha Pred will come out to everyone for the same price as Arnold so $6.99 in a few months this is mainly for early access and a Figure if your a collector

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Ok Thx. I just messaged them to confirm. I looked on their purchase page and did not see any indication that it would be included.

I thought that too but it was stated on the NECA Facebook post that the code will be with the box


Ohhh wow. Thx dude.

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