Among Us is coming to PS4

Title says it all


They’re gonna make a lot of bank.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing it.
Maybe we can all play together sometimes.


Just the game for playing mind games with my friends lol.

And then stab them in the back

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I wonder if @OldKingHamlet , @Courier , or anyone else at @IllFonic plays Among Us.
Because the OWLF operative looks like a crewmate.

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Why do people pay money for a free FOTM mobile game?
There’s better free traitor games but I guess they’re not streamer bait & rules beyond pushing 1 button are too complex for normies.

I was so happy when everyone stfu’d about Fall Guys after 1 month.

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Yeah after I tried Fall Guys I dropped it after two weeks.

What other traitor games are there, for PS4.

Is Town of Salem on console? Ik its on mobile.
I’m surprised PS4 doesn’t have Barotrauma actually.

Town of salem isn’t available for PS4

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I can kind of see why with all the texting.

PS4 needs a Barotrauma port as they’ve got quick chat functions but its still early access.

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Honestly, I don’t. I’m a shitty liar (which can be a horribly ironic statement, I will admit, cause if I was a great liar, that’s exactly what I would say) and games based around social deception are like my kryptonite.

I think the OWLF was more like “Hey artist, what would a dude that is doing his best to mask his entire thermal signature look like” and I think they did a bang up job. But I’d have to ask the design guys to be sure :p



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I’d say they definitely nailed it.

I was wondering if maybe one day could we get different helmets or head gear exclusive to the OWLF operative. Maybe even a body type 2 for both them and the AI.

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Im down. I have claimed Toasts skull plenty of times. Also hell yeah been trying to get ppl to play since the start of this game. Its the best way to kill time!


Among Us game night would be a cool idea

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You’ll be the first to be ejected

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