Any leaks?

Havent been here for a while, I forgot my login for the second time, they finally added more trophys but it’s too hard to level, and now I want to know some leaks to see if I should play again.
Edit: also the fuck happened to that spartan helmet for the girl firetam member?


The helmet was accidentally released a long time ago. If you bought the Spartan helmet when it released you’ll still have it otherwise you’re shit out of luck since they removed it.

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Cyborg? Like lasershot and spiked tail huh, tank sounds cool too

Don’t think too hard about it. Illfonic will never add cool things like that. They might not even add these Preds.


yep as long as people belive there the game can get a third wind .They can milk you with shitty dlc

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yes but you will never know if you dont check the right posts (comprehensive posts).

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