Are the devs lazy 2.0

Ewww simp

The claim that devs are lazy never made sense to me. They wpuld specificly be cutting corners, not for time sake, but because they feel like it. Which means they’re getting paid the same money, for less work. Why would any manager let them do this.


its almost like the guy who handles social media accounts isn’t a dev. And oh no they take 5 seconds out of their day (maybe. Maybe they take it in their off time) to take a picture for the social media guy such a big deal.

And before anyone gets on me for being rude

Laughs in Siege game breaking bugs, reacurring bugs, DBD year long bugs, oh and these are bigger publishers. This isn’t exclusive to Illfonic. So unless you want to say that literally EVERY company is full if lazy devs.

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Its fair

You have to give them money to be a simp lol

Thats it. No counterpoints no nothing?

Ohhh okay. Well poor simp

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Why? You covered everything and is well thought out so why should I give counter points

Well, in a arguement, you’d call that a concession.

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@DhRauta chill we don’t need any more bans to keep away from the G-word.

This patch has hella revenge of the sith vibes

G word?

I can’t get banned again the homo word.

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Consider yourself banned for impersonating a forum member. Begone!

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I’m just genuinely curious if IllFonic can get some people from the community, give them an NDA to sign and send them the new patches for testing?
Is that possible?


Jaya knows me

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If that turns out to be a thing, I’d actually volunteer also.

No im lazy


How when you did more work than they did in 6 months lol

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That was a roast

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I think the guy rigging the pred model and whoever designed the elevator and cave stuff on Excavation put a lot of work in. As for the rest its like some college unreal engine project they can’t even figure out stat bars or optimize the game.