Bionic Predator

Fixed it

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Get him a moby huge.
I think I spelled it wrong.

Ohhh yeah

Get him one of those twisty dragon/animal ones, so he can pretend they’re alien dongs.

Do you think Nomad would make up a back story for each different rubber dong he collects over the years?

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@IllFonic won’t get another cent from me until they fix all those bugs that make SNES look like a 9th gen console.

Get him a tentacle.

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This gonna be the new meta

Stalker / Disciplined … what? :D

Infinite cloak + vision … what? :D

Game is balanced again …

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I’m naming my class this now

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Why would we need 15 gear points we can’t even get to 14 gear points.

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Because you suck

Why do I suck.

anybody confirm PScan get Robotica to work?

@MassImpact124 why do I suck.🤨

Because you do, Its confirmed that Steam has the DLC working.

Listen get gud.

I’m able to get it, I’m on ps4 Jack ass.

Confirmed from Sams video. Dude has no cloak shimmer!

an Check out that face!


One ugly mudderfuccer

It actually looks pretty good.