Can Predator get some more weapons and gear, and FT can get a HHPC as a shotgun lol

So some Predator weapons people, including myself, want in the game. Either right now or sometime soon

Dual Plasma Casters


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None of this will ever happen. Predator will instead receive Negan’s bat. It will be nerfed three times.


Tools I think would really work in HG

Damage Output: Comparable to Smart-Disc Melee, seeing as it’s more of a ceremonial weapon.

Passive: Attacks from behind a FT deal more damage.

Damage Ouput as Weapon: Around Combi-Stick if multi-target.

Passive: Deals Bleed Damage.

If Gear Item: Hold to Aim and release to throw your whip at a FT’s Weapon. If the FT does not Parry, the FT’s current weapon is destroyed and can only be brought back from a Ammo Crate. Max 3 Uses for Alt Fire. Unaffected by Large Pouch.

Blue Cleaner Liquid:

As Gear Item: 5 uses by default. 6 with Large Pouch. Use to create acidic puddles that drain a FT’s health if they walk across it. Puddles are active for 30 seconds.

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Its sad to say, but i think we will never get those anytime soon, the devs are way too bussy making useless DLC characters that nobody ask.

Net Gun/Launcher gear idea
Adding this to the list
It would be really easy to implement since they have the wrist launcher animation, and the net projectiles