City hunter wrist blades dont work properly

they are always into the gauntlet and never pop out

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Yup, one of the many issues with him, I strongly believe he was rushed and not finished. Wristblades are not retracting, they are constantly sticking out and when you do equip them they will retract by an inch… wtf? XD

Also backpack is to small, mask needs to be redesign and netting from left arm removed. Dredlocks needs more rings - silver and gold

Its funny how Jungle Hunter is ALMOST perfect, yet this iconic pred seems to be missing a lot…

Because he was indeed rushed. People kept begging for him so when the devs realised they could make a fortune they rushed out a broken DLC. James Cameron is very disappointed in this.


True, he was. I just hope they will spare few minutes to address those issues in the near future

They didn’t make a fortune off of me.


Yup, original City Hunter back pack is way more pronaunced and larger - this one is barley visable. Also Net gun is almost half the size it should be. Have a look at this for net gun :

And see this for what I mean about the backpack :

Devs should use body of scout male… No classic Hunter
I mean he so mascular in game… And in the movie he is thiner

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you think they will fix them?

Don’t know if you have 87 Jungle Hunter or not but… when it came out his mask was way of. It looked bulky and frankly, I did not liked it. Got him from preoreder and everything else was spot on with him so I did not complained. Roughly a month ago or so I have noticed that the his mask does not bother me any longer. In fact - it looks awesome, exactly like in the movie. I thought I just got used to it. But lately I’ve seen a clip on youtube showing him of from the release day… and now I can see it - his mask was changed. Not a different mesh, still same amount of polygons, but clearly looks different - they must have changed it with one of the patches. I have no doubt that it was reshaped and retextured. If they did this to a preored exclusive than perhaps some changes will be implemented to City Hunter in future, as he is a paid DLC. Fans have right to expect movie accuracy with paid DLCs

A little then and now - you can clearly see that his helmet was altered to be more movie accurate.

have him

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