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Oh nice

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This is real!

NECA Predator Accessory Pack


It’s expensive too because it’s out of production

Ya almost 100 on eBay and not the one sold from China!

My wife’s going to kill me I just bought rest of my collection lol 😂

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Don’t blame me for the lashing your about to get 🤣

How much?

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Not too bad as long as you didn’t get the Chinese ones

They’re supposed to be roughly $35 each but they are out of production

The demon camo was not from China but sus for sure it was 35 something

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Why’s that one sus?

I bought 3 of those when they were brand new. Had a big pred display with them until my wife got grossed out and made me remove them😁

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It’s cheap but Amazon selling it for 99

I’m allowed my shrine but after my next figures we’ll see lol

You had a prenup right? 😅

Not for the new figures 😅😩😭😢

New figures!


Do I really want to open another can of worms?

Those are some sweet figures though

Ugh why must they torture us though! 😣

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I think I will get at least a few of them

I have a vision of a scene I want to make of Predator vs WWII soldiers

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Lol Aw come on why not let him fight nazis