constantly getting booted to the menu screen

anyone else having this issue right now?

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A TON of players are experiencing this issue and crashes.

@Kassinaillia truly hope the team is looking for a fix for this.

Sucks when a single person blue screens, then sends the entire game to the main lobby every other game :(

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I’m in a PS5 and I haven’t ever had a single blue screen/ crash/ disconnect. I’m not sure what could be causing the problem for everyone experiencing it.

Same issue here, pretty annoying when you’re doing a good Predator match.

Need a little more info from you. What platform? Do you have any steps that can help QA reproduce your issue so we can figure out what’s going wrong?

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I told you guys. It’s happening when non specific action is taking place. It’s random.
All i know and you know is that is happening on PS4 (regular, not the Pro), on Public Matches while in a party and bot night and day maps.

You may not necessarily have the same issue.

I’ve got more info about the blue screen crashes. I hope it helps.
Today i played a lot of matches solo, i must have been played 20 matches and it didn’t crash a single time.
First match i played in a party, it crashed, at the end of the match after securing the Predator’s body.

premade party or just a game with other players? And was your solo game with other players or bots?

@moralez Thank You for the extra info the QA team is currently tracking this issue.


During the day i was solo playing public matches with random players (sometimes bots).
When it crashed i was with 1 another player in a party playing a public match. Not a private match.

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I can’t join quick plays either. Parties and private games with friends crashes too since the update.

@IllFonic @Kassinaillia @Wil @Courier @OldKingHamlet

Forget what i said.
I just got a blue screen on a public match playing solo.
As predator.
I downed 2 guys and it crashed after i claimed the 2nd guy.
He was a PC player and i believe that’s something to do with leaving the match. Cause i killed those 2 guys in the first 30 seconds of the match and 90% of the times when that happens, the dead FT members who died rage quit and don’t wait for reinforcements.

I’m on PS5 but what happened was me and one of my homie tried loading into a few matches at around 1 am CST and were just constantly getting booted into the main menu on Thursday and it’d say something like “failed to verify the match” each time we finished the opening cutscene for FT or it’d happen in the middle of a match randomly.