Could not retrieve party connection details!

Can’t even party up with anyone, I have tried wired and wireless connection and joining through PSN. Constantly get a message that says “Could not retrieve party connection details.” It’s funny after doing quite a bit of research, players were posting about having this issue in 2020 and I am experiencing it now in 2023. You’d think this problem would have been solved by now, or at least addressed by someone who actually has any idea what the community is talking about. It would be nice if I could play a game with friends! I know that is just so much to ask for.

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Illlfonic doesn’t fix anything dude. Nobody cares

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This might not be Illfonic’s fault. You might need to restart your router for this one. A friend of mine started getting this issue out of a sudden. Had his internet provider restarting or doing something remotely, to the router’s configuration (don’t ask me exactly what it was)… worked a day or two and had to call them again. Changed internet provider and now he has no more issues like this.

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Hello, I got this problem right now

Have you found a fix yet?

Been having issues since yesterday.
Region failure issues. Being kicked back to pre-authentication start screen.

For me it usually works on the third try of the same invite if it happens. But then sometimes, if the other player is in Australia it never works…

have you guys figured out what the cause may be?


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Bud. Let it go. They’re not here. The game is abandoned. It’s over. I’m sorry.


They spending too much time on Other bugs.

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Just started having this problem a week ago and still am, since the game is re releasing it would be really nice to know if this is getting fixed soon or in the new version since the patch just came out, hopefully soon so me and my friends can play a game we have fun with and paid for

I think you can try to restarting your router and console to refresh your network connection. You can Update both your console and the game to the latest versions. Manually forwarding the necessary ports on your router for PSN can also help.
Also, you can test a different network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if the issue persists.