Damaged Predator mask

I think this type of damaged mask would have been much better than what we got.


Damaged masks largely exist as a gameplay element rather than just being a costume piece. The issue of course being is that they need to indicate the mask is damaged to the player and fireteam. Just having parts chip or break away while would be true to the films where we’ve seen it it just wouldn’t be intuitive for a videogame.
It needs to be a little more obvious since we don’t have a health bar for the mask to indicate how broken it actually is.

The mask from Predators the classic Predator uses would be a good alternative since we know broken masks are still functional and this would enable them to retain the fiery effect used to indicate the mask is broken or about to break.

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They already have something like this, more damaged the mask the more heat marks and sparks and smoke it has. Not too hard to tell it’s badly damaged and about to break

Yes @Illfonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet give me my wearable broken masks.
Maybe even as a reward for reaching level 200

Yeah, what is up with the ‘lava cracks’ on the damaged biomasks? Just looks bizarre.

Some would argue that it’s fried circuitry or this that or another. Me personally I want damaged masks to show part of our faces because we never get to see our face unless the mask is completely shot off which happens less and less or the eye glitch happens which is just plain shite looking.