December Update…

I just want a bug fix patch that will fix broken lobbies, guns stop shooting out of the blue, character stops working completely after a few parries, sawz firing on it’s own, sound bugs that blow your ears off, AI’s spawn behind you and melt your HP in seconds, especially when you start shooting the Pred, exploits like breaking animations, regenerating masks, regenerating 2nd combi stick and so on.

For starters, fix the game and then add content.
Don’t add more content which will introduce new bugs on top of the old one’s that weren’t fixed in the first place. The game in it’s current state is a trainwreck.


“We hear you and that’s why we’re adding 5 new shaders, an elder sword variant, and a morning version of all the maps. Who knows if the game will play correctly but I hope you enjoy it anyway.”

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“We don’t test our updates because players will test it for us.”


“Hotfix incoming soon”

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It’s crazy how she can snipe people from across the map

Sup Moose, been awhile lol! I agree with everything you said. All I’m hoping for is either Gauntlet or the Predator single player mode, some new FT weapons, new cosmetics, shaders, and who knows, maybe a free predator DLC. In my opinion @illfonic owes us another free pred DLC!


Y’all have to high expectations
It’s probably gonna be some stinky shaders lackluster dlc


A bug free game.

Honestly tho, more modifiers in custom matches to allow us to have as many preds or ft in a lobby.

Feel with the modifiers and more customizable options, the community can create game modes for each other. We can create our own community Playlist tab here in the forum.

Don’t really want then to create a clash 2.0…


aka the list of things we won’t be getting

In reality, expect shitty dlc, shitty shaders, the audio bug to get worse, & the game not to work.


If you get a new game mode it’ll be clash 2.0.

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I am hoping hopefully ( which I know won’t happen ) is a Christmas theme to the maps. There be Christmas lights strapped to the trees of which there will be presents ( which will be reskinned of the currency found in the map ) then there will also be Christmas hats on the people.


Christmas hats i can dig.

Then I was gonna say the predator was gonna have a santa suit on but people would just be mad cause its to colorful.

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in December patch.

… it would be nice to have something to put out “V”

Fieldlockers, yes, ok

…something extra;)
like a slot machine
3 windows
Turn once costs
5000 V

in the machine are perks,
I mean all perks

All that have already been developed for phg …
(So ​​everything would be ready;)

You can use the perk
assign to a loadout! but only one!

until you overwrite it with a different perk …

Illfonic, can make the perks special …
… and so on…blablabla


if the lobbies stay in this state,
then, a new PvP mode doesn’t make much sense

(I mean more than half of all intercepted matches have to be canceled … that’s not so fun.)
… although I would like to have a new PvP mode!


Santas hat

  • for FT customization options
    …for a bit of mood;)
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They’ll probably drop the update and roadmap on New Years Eve. 😕

oh,phhhh…whats the point? they think gamerrs do gaming on NYE?

Probably won’t drop shit

Will the real Mike Harrigan please stand up!

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Dude, I’ve been wanting him since beta lol. I always envisioned that after Dutch (2025), Mike would be the next in line (film wise) to join the game. Not sure why it hasn’t happened yet, but especially after the addition of the City Hunter, it seems like it would only be fitting to bring him in.

I think Mike would work perfectly alongside Dutch, especially since he could simply jab some good ol’ Yautja DNA into his system and feel 40 years younger lol.

Grab Danny Glover, have him say a few lines, and call it a day. ( I know there’s a lot more than that, but I’d be stoked lol).

Either way, to keep queue times balanced, I think it’s a good idea to alternate Predator and Fireteam DLCs. It’s time we’re due for a significant Fireteam member and some more gear to play around with.

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Doing good bro, I hope you’re doing well.

I totally agree with you. I think Gauntlet is something that most of us have wanted for a long time, along with the single player mode.

However, with the addition of the private matches, and all of the different customizations/combinations possible in them, I’m not so sure that we’ll see either.

Either way, I feel there should be at least be a proper 2v8 (at least) mode implemented at some point.

We shall see.

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