December Update…

The axe is buffed as it should be, and should stay that way

Because you and some destroye it

You tell him 👍🏻

The people who payed , supported through dlc and reported bugs for them are the ones who destroyed it . The first game in history to be destroyed by people posting on its forum 😆

That’s the goal

Friendly reminder that it’s been like two months and they still haven’t bothered to fix Exile predator’s predlocks after so many people told me “They’ll fix it in the next week most likely”.

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Oui ?? Peux-tu me lâcher un peu ?? Est tu amoureux de moi ? Oui c’est de ta faute et de la faute des pollueurs non seulement du forum mais aussi du jeu vous avez foutu la merde en polluant le forum et surtout me détruisant mes topics ou je disait jungle Hunter résultat le jeu n’est même plus patch comme il le faut et le développement court a se perte car trop de bugs et perte de joueur bravo et encore une fois ferme ta gueule et arrête de troll sur tout les topics avec des putin de photos merde et surtout LACHE MOI

I’d be down it would be just like grandmas boy lol getting paid to play the game

So you are darkvador

So true. If they actually listened to the community feedback and took it’s willing to help, this game could be 1000% better and everybody would have much more fun and @Illfonic would have much more profit.

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whats wrong with clash

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Copy and paste generic COD mode

Player dosent understand it anymore

Vador is me not him so search for the truth before You say something fake


only shows up when mentalist is banned or mentioned

both speak French & have extremely similar sentence structures

Illuminalti confirmed

Strange isn’t it

No prove no truth

no proof no troof.

nothing they fool us all thats it dont be hyped about it!