Duplicate reservation request

Hey guys.

I’m trying to play with some buddies not from my region (I’m in Canada, they are in dubai) and I am only able to play 1 game with them before needing to close the app entirely. Or else I receive this message trying to party up with them again.

Any insight on how different region connections could work better together???

Anything would be a great help!

@OldKingHamlet @Courier

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I’m not aware of this specific issue, but I’ll let the team know about it

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Yea, we play and matchmake for 1 game perfectly.

When I load into the pregame lobby, it gives me a notification saying “unable to join lobby”, but I loaded in fine.

Once we try to re-queue for a second game it doesn’t allow me to enter the next game. Then if I quit and try to rejoin it gives me the “duplicate reservation request”. Maybe thinks I’m still in the lobby?

Probably a connection issue on our parts. Just checking to see if there’s anything we can do on our ends to better the connection.


Appreciate the feedback! Always trying to help the game out :)

Are you on a CrossPlay linked account?
Is everyone else also playing on PS4?

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I keep getting the same thing as well when playing with my friends. I’m on PS4 and my accounts linked to epic but have crossplay off.

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I have mine linked.

I toggle cross-platform on and off so I’m not sure if that causes it.

We are all playing on ps4.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

Have tried unlinking EPIC account. And turned crossplay off.


We think it may be an issue with people naming their “epic account” the same as their PSN and the game thinks there is 2 of you.

Hope this helps :)!

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