Everyone post videos here...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX4nuSLlA0Q&t=1s Well this is not my best i dont think so dont really know have to many videos and clips…

Nice vid, although shame the scout is just as loud as zerker.

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Yeah it should be less sound when you play the scout but its not but it still works :)



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Either the shooting is a decoy or bug, lol.

Dont really know there is alot of work to be done on this game but they sure are working on it and that i am glad for…

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just had this one.

its a typical match if i dont let fireteam go. parry and spotting needed tweaking but this is why i dont agree with further buffs to pred. it will be absolutely skill-less then.


Nicely done loved the net and spear thing you did looked badass

I don’t know how to get a score like that again. I tried letting them escape, I tried Killing them all, I even got like 6K Ver…whatever the cosmetic currency is. No footage but best game to date.
They were a really tough egg to crack. Kept tight knit but not stacked. Couldn’t get in edgewise. :L
I think however I caught a straggler they were running he was at the back. I can’t remember but I EVENTUALLY breached their defenses. Yeeeesh.

Probably just sit close to them as long as possible.
Each second when close to a FT member gives you 10 xp.

Here’s mine! Took about 3 min to kill all 4

Comedy gold

Team wipes as Scout/Bow user.
~ lvl 100 matches

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You know watching your videos ur playing as a scout which i do half the time but i notiuced your energy is not being depleted when you are invisible and using thermal what perks are you using or is that a bug or a hack perhaps?? Especially in the 3rd video the quickest enemy wipe, just watch this guys energy isnt going down at all when hes invisible, ive used scout before and the light bender perk my energy still drains when invisible. This dude nothing. Whats going on here???