Feral mask can fit with open mandibles

Bone mask can fit with mandibles open if illfonic would just put in the work.

Promotional image

In game face

Needlessly nonproportional mask


I’m not gonna lie, I was excited to get this mask and see how it looked on each class. This was by far so disappointing, I understand them not wanting to do a whole class (that’ll take them time) however the least you can do is live up to the promotion you place on the product


Everyone before every update:

Everyone when the update drops:



But did you try turning off 3d audio?

Who wants to know?

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@IllFonic for testing purposes.

Now I know you’re a liar! Illfonic doesn’t test their game.

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Ya what false advertisement right lol

They could literally get people from the community to volunteer and make sure patches are fine.

I’d fucking do it for free man. Not like I and a number of people haven’t been volunteering for them already.

I’m done with this “people expect to be paid” so we get nothing done.

I can’t be the only one. 🤦‍♂️

This game and how its poorly cared for, is only going to snowball into Arcadegeddon and Ghostbusters.

Why they don’t want a reasonable product and not address consumer concerns is just so half baked.


I think it is past illfonics bedtime

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