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I’d like to say over 1,000 field lockers between Wednesday and today

I’m actually buying 100 boxes at a time, and I’m still making profit

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I had 15K coin and I spent it all 5 minutes later I was back at 15K with all the duplicates I got
My luck suck


No that’s the funny part to it to. I had like I think 150 but bought stuff for Valk and dropped down to 50.

I’m at 19 now. That’s how unlucky I am I could get struck by lightning twice

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I’ve been buying 500 each time.

Have opened close to 2000 today, give it take, not sure.

Have made about 500,000 back over my original starting amount.

Until they fix this, for me this game is now Predator: Menu Grounds.



They changed it while I was in the menu opening boxes! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Haven’t gotten a duplicate yellow yet, but will update when I learn.
Reds now give 500.
Pinks 250.
Purples are unchanged.
Blues are unchanged.

Well, that was an easy 600,000. 🤷‍♂️

That was my last hope…

Damnit! You’re right…


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I think I’m just going to clear out the last of the customizations. I’m at 3.6 now.

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Whatever you got left loan me? 😆

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