Having the free throw selection of the disc.

The disc for the predator should have a selection of manual piloting and a selection of the free throw.

You know how the fire team can launch grenades using the “Mercenary” and “Hammerhead” right. Also including the semi-auto for the “O.W.L.F pitbull”. Right??!!

Why not have the disc get a free throw selection by pressing down on the d-pad for “pilot” and press it again for “freethrow”. In stead of standing and hiding behind cover and cloaked. You’re more agile and free to hunt the fireteam. I can hear the complaints about it but us fireteam mains will always figure a way around it. If it gets stuck on objects there’s an opportunity to kill the pred or escape. Yes it can ricashea off of corners and some trees but it’ll get stuck most of the time. But it would be one of the deadliest weapons in the game to respect and gaining the skill.

Also if you can charge a disc and basically create a pred nade like a pred slam that would be neat but that should take energy and alot of it too for it to be that deadly.

I love the disc and I’d love to have the option to free throw it. Getting them triple to quad down with it…lol is the best.

Just another idea to give the disc some love.


It would be a good variation for it to go in a straight line but not return

Make it look different too as there are numerous smart disc designs out there


I think that is going to be the idea behind the shuriken. Basically that it wouldn’t make sense to “pilot” it but instead allow the Predator to freely throw it or a couple of them. Functionally while I can get behind the ability to just throw the disk at someone, that also would detract from the shuriken being able to essentially quickfire.

I’d rather the smart disc have a lock on feature like in Predator Concrete Jungle, or have it act like it did in AVP 2010
These are how I’d like the shuriken to act whenever it gets added

This idea pleases me

Some more smart mechanics would make it more polished. Like as soon as its in alignment with a FT member, an option to thrust it towards him with one push of interact. That would sweeten it! Or if you select shift or something when you deploy it, it will launch like the way you throw the spear.

It just goes to show how very simplistic it is currently.

They should just add the Shuriken and have it as free throw weapon kinda like the spear.

James Cameron mostly plays FT and would like to see this implemented.