How to do the Hunter Pack DLC justice

So I’ve been thinking and I’ve come up with two ideas to make the hunter pack better or it can be in a future update
For Mr.Black gear or weapon slot “The Wrist Blade Launcher” Holds one shot and can pin a ft member to a wall until they either remove it or you remove it will make your wrist blade unusable until you pick it back up after the blade is removed or falls out like an arrow the ft member will have bleed and temporarily slowed down.
For Falconer Gear slot “The Scouting Drone” you get 3 drones and it takes up 3-4 gear slots with large pouch you get 5 when launching this drone it will act alot like the ft UAV scanner scanning ft members instantly and highlights the weakest link(member) with a blue outline and the strongest with a red outline and can also spot pigs and track them for 1 minute
I was just thinking of random crap and it led to this I hope illfonic somewhat considers this couldn’t think of anything for captured but he stinks anyways we dont talk about him @Kassinaillia if you could please bring these ideas up to some of the people who can implement this into the game or consider it.I want to like this game so please consider have a good day


What I thought I’d be getting too.😭

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We all feel your pain

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Yes and yes, Pizza is smart, listen to pizza @IllFonic