I made Custom Yautja OC Cards

While at Art School, with the down time I had and a fun project, I thought why not and decided to take a crack at making The Nomad Clan some fun trading cards (front to back). Idk but whatcha think after 3 years without using Illustrator and coming back?
(Update: I could make more for say other PHG’s Content Creators.)

Alittle better version



His hand looks broken.



I wantttttt oneeeeeee Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhhhhhhh



I was trying to give it a shadow like effect, plus making hands is really hard on Illustrator.

If I hav time I can try.

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Read the very top👆

Heee haaah toot tee haaa
Me want card hahahahahahdbxhsjsdndn🤣

Ok ima stop going r*tard mode now lol.
But yeah these would look sick if your first one is anything to go by💪

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to do one of me, would you base it off my Predators or my YouTube logos etc.?

How do you mean?

Well I’m gonna need reference pictures of your character to draw them out.

Well I mean if you were to make a Trading card with me as a character then would you base it off my Predators in game (basically all Black and Red Obsidian armour set with Shatter Demon Skin Pattern) or my YouTube logo (basically a Red and Black Jason Voorhees/Hockey Mask)?


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I’ll see what I can do

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I sent this to disney , their lawyers said they will be in touch 👍🏻

Still doesn’t answer my question. I mean, it explains that you have the means to make em, but why?

Man after my own heart…

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Because he’s quickly become PHG’s Chris Chan. Pre-Tomboy Saga…for now.

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It’s just the BEST brother 😏💪

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That was low, like I didn’t know there was a new low but you found it.

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Bored & because I guess I could do yeah. Idk it was something to past through the time.

😄😄😄😄😄😄 🍆

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