IllFonic IS THIS IS OKAY? PHG "Balance" in a Nutshell - video from both perspectives

Lol @BadBlood he don’t believe me

Doesn’t matter to him

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He isnt lying either bro… like no cap but let not continue further lol

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That is so fucking crazy that people would actually do that

Mental illness is some heavy shit

Straight up the shit was like kid level threat

People are capable of anything

My heart goes out to everyone @IllFonic

I might rag on you guys for your short comings and errors but it’s out of a place of love and only intended as friendly jabs

I genuinely want the best for everyone involved and am truly grateful you guys made this game despite everything

The game will be great I know it!

That shit is wrong on so many levels and frankly it makes me embarrassed to call myself a gamer when I hear absurd shit like this

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Ahh I see a way to cover your back got you

Yea @IllFonic we may jab you but we mean well please don’t sue us or anything.

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Damn, this cracked me UP.

Im being genuine

I joke around a lot and about sensitive subjects but this is too real and must be addressed as such

Mehh I could carelesswhat they think I spent 60 bucks on a product that fucks up every patch so a this point I deserve my money back

I’m sure you can get it if you want it that bad

I might but the way Sony is probably not

Honestly, if there’s a clear and guaranteed way to get my money back for the game and all the DLCs I’d walk away from this fucking game tomorrow with my £60 and never think about this game again. Lesson learned, if it looks too good to be true then it’s probably gonna let you down. This game certainly did. I watched people streaming the beta, saw the advertising stuff and was so hyped. The fun lasted less than a month once I took off my fanboy goggles and analysed what was going on.

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I’m not worried about the money personally

I stand by my end of the year ultimatum though and will walk away from the game if it’s still like this by the end of the year

This game was less of a blow than F13 for me

I could at least be guaranteed to be Predator everytime should I choose and there isn’t a lawsuit holding it back

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I Think we are All sorry about this streamer xD (but tbh i like him because he didnt rage or complain, in his head he was just like: wtf is this. Lol)
Illfonic has to change a lot. Not only the damage of the FT weapons. They also have to increase the dmg of the perd because its a Bit lame. In the movies the preds mostly one-shot people (i know this would also kill the Balance but thats not the point).


That’s why you wait and spot and kill recon first…unless it’s all of them I have the same problem with recons freaking chasing me and killing me, it must be the hobbit effect where the weakest character kills you 😑

Support , Assault and Dutch 87 are the best classes by far now. Of course in pubs you can play everything because fireteam is so easy. Missions are a joke, the damage is insane even without Bane or Deadly. When I play fireteam I feel my self completely relaxed, I al not afraid of anyone anymore after 2.0. When I play Pred (not now because I dont even play now because of bugs, private loadout reset and broken balance) I have to play perfectly, I have to hit any shots , always do the best thing at the proper moment. And sometimes, even if you play very very well and you hit 99,9% od your Bow shots you will still lose.

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I think that rather than increase the damage for every one we should just decrease hit to make the game a bit longer and dont let people die in 2 seconds with the Alpha Sickle. Every Predator class should get 500 extra hp and let the damage as it is right now for Predator (low damage , it doesnt need to be reduce except for caster, Elder Sword and Alpha Sickle). Combi throw should be buff. They could add a Perk for increasing the cc effect of the Predator (like slow effect of the bow , blind effect of combi and slam , and concussion of warclub) and add a perk for more ADS movement speed while aiming. We need to make the Predator movements better. Also the melee damage buffs are all usless because the weapons kill with the same hits. Viking should get a different passive buff, like maybe a damage reduction while parryed (30% less damage taken while stunned from the parry) or something like that. As developers, you dont promote diversity if the only passive buffs tou implement are melee damage boost or knife damage reduction.

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I had another 2 semi-decent games last night (I’m tending to limited myself to 2 or 3 games a session due to the effort/frustration involved).

Anyway, I won them, but my god I had to be on top form, and there were only a couple of good players in each FT squad. Each squad seemed to be all assault with many of them having deadly activated. Had they been a half decent squad there would have been no possibility of a win for me.

I’m all for it being a challenge, but at the moment the challenge is pretty much all on the Pred side, while the FT can be played fairly casually.

No new Pred player stands a chance.

I can only imagine that the Devs have calculated that the game has enough hardcore masochist Pred players to sustain it while it focuses on attracting more of the CoD crowd.