IllFonic IS THIS IS OKAY? PHG "Balance" in a Nutshell - video from both perspectives

I’m just saying, that this was doable in 2.03 also and many ppl did it.

Now in 2.08, it’s not even funny. xD

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I have tons of footage against top preds who just loose badly as here, and its not just about Derailed (im in this game since Day 1). Its just baaad mate. We melt pretty much everyone.

As for

Before they broke Private games with this patch we played Privates with top FT/Preds daily. Trust me. Its more than possible, but yoy will loose more than win. If you need links to those matches/discord - just PM me.

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You’ve clearly never seen them play as Predator then.

That dude they have in the video plays a lot what do you mean neewb?

You could spend pages breaking down his mistakes but you could get meleted in seconds like him if you had been at his place. This is not a skill difference issue. This is A FUCKING BALANCE ISSUE and no one in this forum can argue that in any way.



I am available to help with QA

And dont forget back in the day for win you need city hunter combi and bow. it was a must have xD you couldn’t play anything else

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Clearly. Just daily Private games as Pred/FT with top players. What do I know lol

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Perhaps you could record some games and demonstrate. Perhaps even against that team.

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Yea do a private game with them show us how good you are as pred and tell us this game is balanced they will even use pistols


@Felaeris so go ahead big mouth. Mr. “I make no Errors”. Take atleast 1 game outta 5 and your words might mean something. Discord link comes with PM

This guy is new to the forum probabily. Also I might be wrong but seeing his name and profile picture he seems like one of the admin/moderator of the super dead PHG Discord with people that dont play the game but they keep dedending devs and the balance state of the game. 😂😂😂

Oh boy, how exciting!!

I love community challenges!!

While I’m happy to throw down, I never claimed myself perfect. You asked the forums to take a look at your video with critique. So I’ll play. And we’ll keep it civil. And I’m not going to get melted on the first second wind. Period.

Also not an admin or mod on the discord. I helped record much of the data and errata that players now use to know weapon damage values and other esoteric details.

That went about how we all expected

That Discord is the worst ever , 5000 people NO ONE PLAY, I have never seen one full lobby. In the other Discord in which I am there are always at least 2 full lobby if not 3. Also the admins were the trash with no open mind and constantly defend the game when they dont even play it. 😂😂😂

Oh, yes you are🤣 I’ll put money on that🤣

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Well since I don’t seem to be getting that PM anytime soon. Guess I’ll turn off crossplay and see what comes up.

There are million videos proving.the balance state of the game. Check my topic “High level pubs and private matches” . Also check “Let the game being applied” the biggest topic has ever been there with 1000+ comments, in that post you can see the challenge 3 vs 1 in which both ps4 and pc team destroyed every one. Open your eyes and set your brain in motion guys.

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