IllFonic IS THIS IS OKAY? PHG "Balance" in a Nutshell - video from both perspectives

FT getting specialist perks to flesh out the game better = 1 step forward

The damage output they can dish and releasing a wack Pred that has no chance in the new game they introduced = 2 steps back

They HAVE piqued my interest


Yay! I love videos!

They really convey what words alone can’t


Ok when does the actaul match start?

Just watch the video… I only cut the beginning when we got on the roof - the rest is in the video. Match was finished in seconds

Lmao. That why I dont wanna play against you guys. So easy to play FT 🤣🤣🤣🤣

How could newbies keep playing if their first experiences are almost all lime that? People buy this game to play Predator, it’s a fucking Predator game. If you buy this game and try to play as a newbe these days, what is gonna happen? This game is not user friendly any more. Illfonic nerf the fucking fireteam damage. It’s not a call from me but from the entire community. Listen to us please!! @OldKingHamlet @Courier @IllFonic


Alpha Pred downed in a 1 vs 1 agaisnt the Grenade Master! You should have recorded that as well! Trash balance…

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Yeah you needed 2 syringe on your Dutch 2025 for not die after 10 attack of alpha sickle xD

So the way to go is alpha and sickle lol better enjoy it before they nerf them both next patch and buff FT again


I don’t know why but I have the feeling this forum is predator biased and all other outlets are FT biased


The Axe is the worst weapon


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No yea no arguments there lol shits ass i only use the heavy when someone is in a bear trap

I can think of two people in this forum who are going to say the predator was mediocre and need to git gud, who won’t post videos of their own predator game play because they’re pussies. Haha, this is so busted. 4 shots to second wind. Give me a fucking break. Good post 👍


Im waiting for them to appear maybe if we think hard enough they will

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice…

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Damn you actually found the clip of the guy you melted that’s crazy…

It was 5 shots (Arrow hit him with me when I did the 2 shot) but yeah… This is beyond busted. And Slipper isnt a newbie Pred, he actually didnt tried to rush in like an idiot but instead was running away… Its insane how OP the FT is like its not even funny anymore.


Thats some good evidence that dude looked like he was wantimg to enjoy the round… but then well he died and you can see hes confused… how is this ok…
That’s crazy man glad you put this together