Im level 125 and I mane predator I now what I’m talking about when I say FT is overpowered

It is not the fact of trash Predators, it is the fact that the Predator is supposed to be the Galaxy’s top hunter and there is supposed to be a clear advantage towards the Predator seeing that this game is named Predator Hunting Grounds not Fireteam Hunting Grounds. I don’t personally have an issue with the constant nerfs that the Devs keep doing to make the novice FT players feel more accomplished. Truth is humans are supposed to have their asses handed to them by the Predators. It takes that one or a few special humans to actually beat one down to the point they can claim a victory over these top hunters.

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Not everybody can be a winner but, clearly to us humans that is not an acceptable outcome. We live in a world where everyone gets a prize now a days…


@Jimmy your avatar shall be

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Was always a Raph guy. I like characters with tude, dude.


ah! you everywhere man. Lol.

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Hey what’s up man…I just joined the forum a week ago.

not much, waiting for our rematch now that the FT was buffed 😼

Add me on Epic I’m still trying to figure out crossplay. The last match we had was pub but we can do pre-made if you’re up for the challenge.