Is Elder pointless?

The only thing that he has is 2 extra gear points, an extra perk point, and faster predkour movement speed. Compared to the Hunters far superior stanima and movement speed. Am i missing something or is the grind to 150 wasted now?

He’s Just looks badass. But yeah, Hunter is number 1 class by all his stats. Also, Just for my opinion, alpha is good too right now. Oh, forgot about city hunter. He’s fine

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I’ve seen good players playing it.
I don’t like it cause I can’t leap much and it’s slow.
Alpha is my kind of Pred, I just wish it had a bit more of HP.
I liked CH until it got nerfed.
Elder was good to but they took away his stamina.

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Elder has a larger energy pool as well, but slower energy regen, so it’s actually not that great.

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@IllFonic Elder should be one of the best. Bring back his stamina and renew him to glory. Please. And thank you. I have faith that you’ll do what’s right. Because an elder is a better hunter and more experienced than all the rest. 🍺🍺


Elder for me is ok he has strenghts and downsides. For me Elder , Hunter and City Hunter are equally viable. Berserker and Samurai need some buffs. Scout is Garbage. Is the Viking a predator?

Predator perk also need to be buffed:

  • impenetrable
  • height Advantage
  • down range
  • every tree related perk
  • medic should be reverted to 3
  • energy overload perk should cost 1 or 2
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Tree’s just need to be buffed. Even un-buffed leaps are faster than branch master travel.

Not to mention the worse angle. Makes the targets smaller in relation to you in addition to giving the FT 360 degrees to move compared to the 2 directionts they can move when on ground level. What makes the high ground valuable is that cover covers you more and covers the enemy less. Not so much when that high ground is a tree and the FT doesn’t even use cover unless its standing height so the height advantage doesn’t matter anymore.

Height Advantage should 40% damage reduction at least. Impenetrable 20%. To compensete the fireteam damage down range should be 100% damage boost for range weapons.

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You need to compensate for a nerf to FT damage?

Yes because with the new 20% damage reduction of Support , plus scout passive reduction , plus dutch 87 reduction, plus OWLF , plus Tuck Skin , you need at least to buff down range in order to restore the damage of the pre 2.0 patch.

Oh duh I thought down range was a range term (I thought you were asking for FT to be buffed) :p