Is there a list of bugs?


Can I send your list to my friend?


I want to tell my friend about the bug. If you say no, I won’t send it.

It’s a bug that happens when you collide and recall the disc at the same time which will indefinitely fly off into oblivion, would do you need a whole list of bugs for one bug

I said it wrong. There are many bugs in this game, so I wanted to show my friend a list of them.
I am using google translate

I posted more bugs than probably anyone. Search my name in bug reports. Or, delete the game and play something else. Works every time.

@BeerWarrior66 answer quickly or you forfeit your share of his seed

Some of your bug reports are things I haven’t experienced.
As a reward I shall give you my seed

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If I remember right, @Weevo540 had the worse luck with bugs.

I had very good luck with bugs. About the only issues I had were the attack function getting stuck (very rare), the disk going into permanent acceleration (more common), and getting stuck inside objects like trees and shacks as predator (rare, but I learned where to NOT leap, and it was no longer a problem).

I never played crossplay though, and I’m on ps5. Not sure if that matters, but it’s worth mentioning.

I play on PC (EPIC version) and the disc acceleration bug you mentioned often occurs.
Also, the bug that Weevo540 posted in the bug report where matches do not start sometimes occurs.

By the way, this post of yours was extremely good and helpful.
According to your other posts, did you previously run a website or something?

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Neither those are rare the fuck

Not more than my private stuff

Yeah. Put a lot of work into it. It wasn’t just about the stats and strategies, but it aesthetically looked and worked like a professional website. Unfortunately, it was all ran through Squarespace and was definitely not free, so, once I realized that illfonic was dropping their support for the game, I let the website expire.

Does it cost money to run a website? I’m so ignorant.

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Depends on the website, but the custom domain alone would cost around $15 dollars a year. Squarespace website creator/hosting was $20 a month.

I salute your dedication.
As a reward I shall give you my seed.💦

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Or you can grow a brain and just use Wix or Weebly or some shit. Who cares if the site is instead of just and has ads on it. It’s not a professional business. It’s a stats archive for a mickey mouse game. Not sure why you were ever paying for a site to begin with. Just transfer your shit there and get free site creation and hosting