June DLC Package.

I believe Illfonic already knows exactly what will be added until October 2021.

I hope that in June, a New Soldier will not be added to the FT without really meaningful content.

We currently have “Dutch” '87, the OWLF Agent, “Dutch” 2025 and Dante Jefferson.

It is very obvious that “Dutch” '87, was added to be reproduced in Game, the Duel with Jungle Hunter '87.

And the OWLF Agent a Soldier made Exclusively to Fight Predators.

But I believe that “Dutch” 2025 and Dante “Beast Mode” were made with the intention of Creating a New Team of Soldiers, under the leadership of “Dutch”.

I hope this is a New Soldier.
Another member of this team.

A lot of people ask for the Character Mike Harrigan, from the Movie: Predator 2 - The Hunt Continues and also ask for Isabelle or / and Royce from the Predators Movie (2010).

But I think we need New Characters !.
We don’t know exactly what happened to Royce and Isabelle after the Events of the Film.

And Mike Harrigan would be just like “Dutch”. An Old Man.
He was a police officer. Not a military man.
It deviates from the Soldier Standard of the Game.

We should also receive in this DLC, more Cosmetics, Weapons and Equipment for these Soldiers (“Dutch” '87; “Dutch” 2025; Dante “Beast Mode” and Agent of OWLF).

Some 3 options of Mythical Uniforms for Everyone; For None of them have an Exclusive Uniform;

An Exclusive Knife for each one. *

  • But “Dutch” 2025 already has its Exclusive Knife.

An Exclusive Secondary Weapon (Preferably a New Pistol for each one);

New equipments developed by OWLF.

New Exclusive Accessories;
For example: Exclusive glasses.

But before someone crucifies me, I am not wanting them to be Exclusives, and that no other Class can use what I am suggesting.

I personally prefer to use my soldiers with their specific items, in a more classic way.

But I know that here in this Forum, the great majority prefers to have total freedom of personalization for their soldiers and predators.


You’re putting more thought into this shit than the devs.


Wow, Thank you very much for your comment!.
I hope this Post gets to @Illfonic.
In my posts I hope that, regardless of anything, the game just gets better.

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We all know it’s Poncho. Comes with Flamethrower, Minigun buff and explosives buff.

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Hold on we actually know it’s poncho?

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I agree

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So, it even seems to be Himself, by the Shadow.

But he is a character who was killed in history.
He don’t have to be added to the game.

He was a lieutenant specializing in explosives and heavy artillery.

Your Weapon is a Grenade Launcher, and we already have one in the Game (D34-D).

We need a New Character.

If we were to use the Dante as a Reference, being a Totally New Character, which was made on the basis of an Athlete, why not think of a Woman or another Man who is practicing any Sport ?.

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey starred in one of the franchise films “The Expendables”.
She could raise the level of the game with a new class of soldier.
She is a Wonderful Woman, Known by Many People, she has already made Action Movies.
And we could have a Class like that of Valkyrie for example.
Specific for a Woman.
With their own recorded speeches, cosmetics, weapons, equipment and a unique specialization.
It would be an Excellent Acquisition for the “Dutch’s” Team.

Well it’s kinda obvious, the silhouette is obviously Poncho and there has been items in the crates which are constantly loading and one is Poncho. They say the silhouette is a place holder but they could’ve used Dutch’s silhouette, so why make a brand new one of Poncho and just call it a place holder

Yes but there was no need for Dutch 87 using that logic.

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Apparently have nothing confirmed.

So, it’s like I said.

I think “Dutch” '87 was added so that anyone who played with him could put him Face to Face with Jungle Hunter '87.

But, as not everyone was able to buy the game in Pre-Order and have Jungle Hunter '87, they made this new version of “Dutch” and told how its story continued after all these events that were presented in the Movies.

Dutch 2025 was made because they wanted to follow up on Dutch since it’s been a few decades since the character was last officially seen let alone even played by Arnold. It’s a Predator game so naturally everyone would be asking if they got Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dutch is such an obvious character to add which is why they pushed for him and thankfully Arnold was into coming back even if it was for a videogame.

Dutch 87 was a clever reuse of assets since people naturally would want the film incarnations of characters if wherever possible. You see this all the time when it comes to suggested Predator classes. People will go for the films first before OC or comic characters.

Dutch 2025 was also made first, not 87.

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King Willie confirmed!

I just want an elite predator class come onto the scene for one day. One that mops the floor with best ft. One that uses bare fists to kano punch the taints in so hard there will never be a bitch predator meme again

I honestly thought this said “and explosive butt” and I giggled

It is explosive after seeing a Pred uncloak next to you.

We were supposed to get Isabelle in February. 200 Field Lockers says we’re getting her in June

How about a DLC of the predator suit (for ft) the one at the end of the movie” The Predator” that way fire team member can mop pred 1v1 in-case their on a weak team which is like always when in hunt? Prob never happen though cause all you preds would be kicking and screaming. Na I got love for y’all though without y’all there’s no game - don’t crucify me

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Seriously? Why don’t we just make Predators start off like this then…
images (79)
Just turn Predators into stormtroopers and make them not a threat at all in matches and make fireteam become Iron man.

Hahahaha dude come on

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