Just a Humble Request

Myself and many others would greatly appreciate these sound effects for the plasma caster in PHG. Please and thank you.

For more authenticity, add only to Jungle Hunter’s, Elder’s, and Captured’s. That’s up to the rest of the community though.


@IllFonic do it

um…have you listened to it on actual high end speakers and not on earphones? Not to put it down badly, but it lacks the low end quality that the game actually has. It just sounds like a weak whipping sound for the spurt out of the canon. The majority of the impact sound effect that is audibly fierce is heard on the explosions on the actual impact in the firlm which if you do enough of it in the game its basically the same thing.

I dont’ know what you’re asking for.


The only Plasma Caster sound effects we have are that of AVPR and only a select few from AVP 2010. Hell all the of the effects from AVP 2010 would be great. But I don’t think that’s within their grasp. I could be wrong tho.

Either way, authenticity, homie. No one cares that it sounds like a whip. Jungle Hunter was just a Hunter reskin but people still begged for him. Why? Authenticity.

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Omfg yes we do need the og plasma noises from avp 2010 and movie

I believe ya

Prove me wrong

Why did all these people kick and scream for Jungle Hunter?

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Yo, good game!

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