just a thought illfonic


If you guys hire @Papa_Applepie
To create in game avatars using his sprites, and add some crazy challenges to get them, or just something that requires consistent matches to do,
It should help with the rage quitting on ft side.

At least I think so.

Like kill 5k a.i.
Soldiers, stuff like that, BUT!

you can only earn them in public.

Instead of the punishment system so many want, I think rewards are better.

You can even add a few for pred.
We all love his chibi Sprites so to have that in game would be awesome.

Anyway it’s just a thought.


And idk who else to tag lol.

@Eshtion what do you think?


100% behind this. It’s a great idea and I think people (especially PC players) would jump at in-game avatars like these


Hell yeah! I’d love to see this!

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Jokes aside I still think there should be a punishment system but Ya I like the idea.

Bro theres a ton of ppl lmao.
But I’m telling you, rewards are better.

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And I’m saying have both


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Ok then how bout you get to leave 3 matches then after that you get a 5 min penalty?

This wouldn’t really affect me since I don’t really leave matches.
But this would also give ppl a bit of slack so if they really dont want to stay they dont have too.

I feel like this is a fair compromise.

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With increasing time penalties that go back down the longer you avoid quiting

But ya that’s a basic system most games use

Ya that makes sense.
But I still dont think punishments would be healthy or help the game to be honest.

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Heh, I'd love to give you guys some ingame shit!

Though on a real level.

We’re talking about contracts, lots probable legal stuff.
Which all needs to be in paper and approved probably.
To keep it short.
I don’t play nice so easily.

Still I love it!
I’d just rather have my teams foundation built strong,
before I go agreeing to “Teaming” with another’s wobbly foundation lol.
All the respects to you @Illfonic

On another note, this gave my team a healthy talk of where we stand.
And our Concept Projects further development!
Thank you!