Known Bugs that have not been fixed

PHG Bugs

  • Can’t use medkits on the walls of these maps Excavation, Headquarters and Airstrip
  • Viridian floats above objects on these maps Excavation, Headquarters and Airstrip
  • Fingers of elite customization characters are not colored or textured
  • Sound quality on headphones are horrible and can’t hear all sounds like as if your underwater
  • Dutch Tapes are out of order for those who bought the DLC and unlocked them
  • Load outs take a long time to load to choose and customize
  • Frame Rate on both PS5 and more so PS4 is still very poor, more apparent on Excavation and Night Maps.

  • Occasionally matches will not start and will instead sit in the lobby loadout screen despite having all players present and the counter reaching zero.

  • Textures on Emissary’s face is sloppily pasted on and colors aren’t aligned on face correctly, perhaps because it’s on the default predator face?

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Ya like this guys says!

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The loadouts have a problem with rendering. The game is poorly optimized in this sense and is an issue regarding knowing to work with engines (they obviously have a hard time, down at illfonic).

Another issue you can put there, after the last update, in the customization section, warpaints and scars titles show up in what it seems to be Slavic/Cyrillic alphabet.

Is a localization type of issue.

Field tested on Playstation 4, UK region.

@OldKingHamlet giving you a tag if you guys are interested.

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Rhe frame dropping is what bothers me the most. That and the audio bug.
I hate the loadouts issue, but I only get it with the OWLF Operative.

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Don’t forget to tag @Courier

I’ve been tagging him, @OldKingHamlet, that girl Kassianilla or something like that and @IllFonic and it’s been almost a year since the frames are dropping and they haven’t done anything about it.

I know I know but eventually we’ll get something, hey I know! Go on their twitter and tell them oh and maybe their Facebook page!

Done and done… nicely months ago and toxicly lately.


Good, they’ve purposely dug this hole themselves. If they wanna dig it deeper they will get the proper response.


They will see we the fan base are a force not to be reckoned with!


I don’t think they will lmao

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Oh you will see!