LMB & RMB problem

This is the second day i’ve started having problems with the left and right mouse buttons, sometimes they don’t work for 1-5 attempts of pressing them, basically not responding, it’s completely random when it happens.
It’s only happening in this game so there’s nothing wrong with the mouse, i don’t know how to recreate the problem on demand. It can be very frustrating when it happens, since i can’t press either the ADS or the attack button sometimes.
Playing with a sniper rifle has become a gamble more or less, i can ADS and aim at the Predator and when i want to fire then i can’t.
As Predator i can’t use the bow with quick shots because since the ADS can fail pretty often my character will make a melee attack instead which breaks my cloak.

I’ve been in both public matches and private matches(alone) and testing this by just sitting and clicking for example the right mouse button(ADS), 10 clicks in a row can be fine, then the 11th doesn’t work.

What’s up?

Similar button input issues exist on console. Been happening since launch

It started 2 days ago for me and it’s game breaking.

Yeah it’s not great.

Here’s a videoclip that show the issue. Whenever the buttons are being pressed they switch color to white.
We can also see the melee bug that has been around since day one at 2:26.

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Master race don’t have bugs. So it must bu a problem on your hardware or software.