Look at all these comments about predator lol

So like I said hopefully illfonic takes this as a wake up call and starts listening to what the players want at least on some level of communication.
I can only imagine all the comments on Twitter lol


We are still supporting the game and look what we got, maybe they are right.

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They are lol

You know what they say… Hope dies last… Still, it dies… eventually…

one good thing out of 400 updates came out of this… disc buffs and warclub


Supposedly piggies spawn near Pred now and Pred is not as easily seen by snipers. Elder and Alpha got some buffs too. Yes, the new mode is very iffy at best. I think it won’t seem as braindead in weeks time. It’s not for everyone but it will have a player base. Overall I think it’s good for the game even if many people really dislike it. Still hope that 2pred vs 6-8 FTs is in the works

Hopefully thats the gauntlet mode with max player count at 15 with a 3v12 scenario


Did Fieldy from Korn really throw shade at this game?!

I’m DED!!

The future is very grim for this game


Hopefully, though I’d rather illfonic make it a 2 Pred and not a 3 Pred mode. Too many players for my liking. It will feel more like a chaos and not a hunt. I could be mistaken though

Yea I understand and you could be right. But I think it could be fun and be just like the movies where there’s 3

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Playstation’s twitter? And they are all using their real names? Looks fake to me.
And low and behold they seem to be all commenting in the same relative minute.


Fun for sure, just not as methodical as the hunt should be. I’m not against it by any means, I just prefer the 2v6-8

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Yes it’s a conspiracy lol. They just posted this today and everyone comments on it when they see. On social media that’s x 1000. You really think comments aren’t going to come seconds after the last? Lol

This every forum for every game now. Even Doom eternal. FB and forums are lousy with whiners. Im still gonna keep playing.

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PS4 plebe dont know what they are talking about. They shit on PHG but at the same time they are gladly going to buy another FIFA game or the 573475th reedition of skyrim and of course another COD game so big lol there


i will say this…clash sucks end of story. They shoulda just added the map and update without clash… and later this month a 2 v 8


@IllFonic doesn’t care about feedback from the player base. It should be pretty clear now that’s the case. Not to mention the lack of communication.


You know with twitter you can get away with 7 words that make up nothing but what do ppl get out of it? The chance to be seen by everyone in the whole gaming world! And to show them how shallow they really are. No conspiracy, just crazy mob mentality. And if they are a streamer, all the more reason to make themselves look absolutely fabulous!

But they’re words don’t mean spit!

Well considering how many people screamed here when they heard about it, then tried it and were like, not the end of the world. I think people bitching is proof that people bitch, not anything illfonic needs to listen to.

Constructive criticism will get heard, the rest can scream into the void.

May they live in it for the rest of eternity!