Make every cosmetic unlockable via Field Lockers

Right now there are a lot of random cosmetics that are not unlockable via field lockers. Every few updates Illfonic remembers to enable that for things that aren’t unlockable yet, but it’s been a while since it’s been done and there are a bunch of random things that aren’t right now.

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What’s an example of something that’s currently not unlockable in the game? I thought everything is unlockable by either spending V or Field Lockers.

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So far as I know, only the latest weapons shaders and JH himself are unavailable through lockers. I’ve gotten several Alpha, CH and Elder skins and mask shaders etc from lockers and most of the original trophies. I don’t own every dlc character yet, so I’m not completely certain the other stuff is there.

And JH is not gonna be given out. You can get the mask, and it looks great on the regular hunter, but that thread has been retired countless times. I’ll give Illfonic these 2 things, if nothing else… they have put out several interesting new Preds as well as a couple movie Preds we all love, so there’s plenty to get your fix with, and they’ve stuck to their guns with keeping JH an exclusive for those that got in early. Hat tip to @IllFonic there.

While I certainly do sympathize with those late comers who can’t get JH, I feel similar about certain skins in SWBF2. I missed out on them via pre-order and that’s that. Unless I buy a code privately, I’m out of luck. And really, it’s not that big a deal. I can’t get certain Kylo Rens, others can’t get JH. At the end of the day, those are just skins. JH has the exact same stats as the regular Hunter. And to be honest, CH is a better in-game Pred anyway.

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Through field lockers, you can’t get any shaders for the NRV-E, nor can you get any other weapon’s “Schism” or “Force” shaders, you have to manually go through and unlock them all.

Doesn’t seem to be any reason why they would have those not available in field lockers, more seems they just forgot to make them unlockable through field lockers when the NRV-E was made available to everyone without the DLC or when those Schism and Force shaders were introduced. I can’t recall offhand what pred shaders they forgot to make available.

Hey there. So, idk how much VT you’ve stored up, but rather than burn through it on lockers, now that the VT returned by duplicate lockers has been reduced, here’s a good way to get lots of it, reasonably quickly, but at the cost of XP…

Set up a custom private match setting (and save the settings too) putting your speed up, interaction speed up, weapon damage up, health up, match time up and all that kinda stuff to be able to fly through the match. Most importantly, put your gear counter up, so you get lots of gear to use. Make an FT loadout with whatever weapons you want, but make sure you have the UAV scanner! With the gear count maxed out with the perk for more gear uses, you can get up to 12 scanners. 12!!! That’s plenty to go to nearly every corner of each map and reveal every ounce of VT. Only HQ is so spread out that you MAY miss some, but if you do it right, you cash in, big time.

Play the mission, but don’t pick up ANY VT until extraction is available, then just waltz around the map and grab it all. The reason to wait is because if you pick some up, but scan an area twice by mistake etc, the icon shows up again, even though you already gathered it, thus wasting your time, and the goal is to complete the mission and get all the VT in the most time-efficient manner possible.

Lather, rinse, repeat! On average, I gather anywhere from 2700, to over 4000 VT per match! Plus, another upside is you get those AI kill counts up fast, completing the daily/weekly challenges at the same time!


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I mean whatever you can’t get out of the field lockers is easy enough to purchase with all the duplicates giving you VT

I have 8.6 million saved up.

I have manually unlocked all that stuff already, just doesn’t seem to be a reason for it to not be unlockable via field lockers.


WHAT??? Start spending that shit, man! Make it rain!!!

I had stated in a very old post that I wished trophies could be purchased with high amounts of VT, but now that they unlock every 50 lvls and the cap is so high that’s no longer necessary.

But no matter how often or how nicely you ask, JH ain’t coming. I suspect that maybe, MAYBE, if an announcement that the game will no longer be supported comes, JH could possibly be released on the last day, but illfonic has been more than clear on that subject since day 1. That is not the hill to die on, amigo.

There’s nothing to spend it on, I have everything.

I’m also still not asking for JH, I just am trying to let Illfonic know that they have a few shaders that they’ve forgotten to make unlockable via field locker. In the past when they’ve forgotten, people let them know and they updated it in the next patch.

The Spartan Helmet for the Female Fire Team.
The Helmet was only available for a limited time probably via a bug.

But its a helmet that I have been told Resembles that of. Mando helmet or something.

I currently dont have a picture because im at work. But I can certain get one when I get home.

I believe @CCD_Wuffell has it or maybe @Derangedxeno_02

But im sure you have seen it sometimes.

Um also the Reaper Helmet is not in the lockers

Only devs are supposed to have it. It was unlockable via a bug

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Lol. Oofff

Id say shit luck should have pre ordered it

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Here’s a pic of it. I grabbed a screen shot of @Samhain13 from one of his YouTube videos a while back and asked him how he got it. He told me it was a dev exclusive that was accidentally released. It looks so bad ass!

He also had it on the male body type so it wasn’t just exclusive to them for the female Fire Team.

I actually got the Reaper helmet (not a shader) in a locker about two weeks ago so it’s definitely there. Only problem was that I experienced the bug where it didn’t unlock.


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YeahbI have it aswell

The helmet? That’s awesome! I love the Boba Fett look. Ha!

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Yeah. I swooped it up real quick. I can even a glitch it on male characters but the Noes of the male models pokes through.

It was there for maybe 2-3 weeks. I was like nah Im already maxed level and have a butt load of VT already. It was onky 5k If I remember correctly. The colors are expensive tho

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Wow no way! That’s awesome! Did it just randomly appear in your accessories or something? It’s definitely the coolest looking Fire Team helmet. I’ve only seen it like once or twice in game with randoms wearing it.

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Well. When you go to customizations and went to head accessories for the Female Ft it was there under the reaper mask. So yeah it was just a bug that cause a unique cosmetic.

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