Map Creator and other features?

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could design our own maps for custom hunts. No missions or objectives, just a big ole map and a countdown timer. The objective is to survive being hunted while getting to an exfil location. There could be safe zones that offer 30secs immunity from attacks? With 1v4, 1v6, 2v8, 3v12 variations.

Maybe illfonic could even launch a competition for the community to design a new map, or write new mission scripts?

And we’ve already mentioned how we’d like some sort of match editor so we can make cinematic masterpieces from our hunts…I see this game as a foundation for something much bigger, bolder and with the right commitment from illfonic Predator Hunting Grounds could really grow into a truly amazing gaming and media experience for Predator fans.

(It’s Sunday, I’m bored, sadly I can’t muster the enthusiasm to play so this came into my mind…)


Back in 1999 making maps were all the rage. Now sadly, its very time consuming detailed oriented stuff, it requires a degree in 3d/CGI and using the Unreal Engine. But you could always try to do a write up of it and paint concept art of it. I think that would still be quite interesting if anyone can go that far.
In fact i’m sure thats how they do preliminary design for maps.

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Well, I’m spending more time just sat staring at the menu lately because I just can’t bring myself to play. Fireteam is boring, and playing as Predator has lost its allure so I might just start writing some mission scripts for the maps we already have, see where it goes👍🏼 creativity is something I’m gifted with. Motivation however…

Id like to see how it goes…and maybe I might know a guy who can paint you a concept (because hes just that bored too)!

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Man, would I love an AvP map creator like Doom 2016 snap map! All 3 species aboard player created derelict ships and bases…whoooooooooo!

Been saying that since day one. I recall one of the members telling me they’d have almost reverse engineer the game to do that. Wouldn’t it be great though?

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@OldKingHamlet or @IllFonic !!!
U have to see this post
That would be awesome