New maj Tuesday 25 Thursday 27 or Monday 31 janvier 2022 ?

A votre avis les gens ?

What do you suppose ?

Mmmm you’re such a mystery bro, why did you translate “nouveau” in “new” but not “maj” in “update” ?🤦🤦🤦

To answer your question, I just decided not to worry about when they will release an update, cause come on, we’re not crying kids, we can wait one or two weeks without knowing and this won’t be the end of the world…

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What do you suppose People ?

Personne n’a d’avis sur la question ou vous n’avez plus espoir

The most important question is why he doesn’t translate everything?

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Pour te faire parler et voir à quel point vous êtes stupide et polluer les topics pour ne pas aider le bon développement du jeu arrête d’être con traduisez vous même et parler du sujet topic merde !!!

Maj tomorrow ?

Maj today and new map and new dlc and new mode game 🤞

Is anyone going to tell him that he is talking to himself???😂😂

Dois-je te faire bannir également ou tu va me harcèle sur tout les topics et forum de tout les sites internet je sait très bien qui tu est

Wow cool, take it easy😂. You’re threatening me because I said you were the only one doing those kind of topics on this forum ? Seriously bro, take a break with PHG and the forum if you’re not able to accept criticism. This world is very cruel with the overly passionate people, so think about it kid, this is a real advice…😕