New Predator Perk: Elusive



Still waitin’ for it…

You dont deserve it

Doesn’t make sense how have can spot a fully cloaked predator



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New Predator Perk: Indigestion

Predator periodically rips ass after eating a pig leaving a pungent pheromone trail

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New Predator specialization: Allahu Akbar.

  • As soon as the Predator gets downed an audio file plays: “ALLAHU AKBAR!” for all Fireteam players to hear, followed by an instant explosion, destructive like the regular one.

This specialization forces the Fireteam to down the Predator on range if they wish to survive the blast. This is also the best idea ever since the release of the game.


Gonna bump this one too, spotting is still an issue when using Tracker, literal wallhacks when used right. Give preds an option to boop Tracker on the nose

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Still a pressing issue, wallhacks for 9 seconds with a Recon+Tracker. Don’t need to give me credit(even though you don’t anyway according to the tos). @IllFonic


Bump #2 electric bugaloo


Spot is a great mechanic. Makes total sense.

Not when you got a team of Snipers like Scar or Beer chasing after you! LOL

Spotting gives a huge advantage to FT. Playing without it is almost a different game. Def. makes the Pred more scary and threatening. It should last for like two seconds. But this is just my opinion.



Your face


Under my ass

Do iT!

Can you go back to the Simpsons, this Charlton Heston persona is wack af.

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YES! Finally, a good perk idea. I can see this being incredibly useful.