New weekly

Bring in 30 predator bodies would be an awesome second weekly


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For 25,000VT

If you can’t do it then y’all ain’t really any good lol

Wanna bet on that? The minigame is in no way indicative of skill…

Well if you can’t bring in 30 predators you ain’t good 🤷‍♂️

Killing 30 preds is not the problem.

Disabling self destruct is. Theres too many times a predator is unreachable. Thus voiding the entire match.

If you wanna keep pretending that means I’m not good, you’re welcome to try me in a private, and get teabagged into oblivion.

Predator bodies are too easy. Maybe something more challenging!

-New Fireteam Daily/Weeklies:

•Hit Preds with mine placements x/30
•Stealth kills x/50
•Knife kills x/50
•QR or Grimtech kills x/50 (gun based kills, especially with the mini gun).
•Self revive x/30 (other gear based stuff would be great too).
•Increase # of times to mud up.

Hopefully these may be some helpful ideas? Or just use the ones I’ve posted if many people agree with this. @IllFonic