OMG i found Unidentified Alien Skull trophy!!! patch 2.23

Maybe you should upgrade your PC

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Whenever you zing me i just feel upset.thanks.


get gud.

You first

What exactly did I get here? Big ass Pred mode?

and that medalie ;D


So they were really available on the lockers, nice.

Got all 4 of them opening crates in less than 2 hours

We’re creating cheats for field lockers now?


I’ve bought my cheats and hacking programs from Jelou before, he’s trustworthy.


Fucking disgusting

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My browser doesn’t play hacked videos

how do you watch porn then?

With no pants

Seriously it won’t play

give it a minute, I just uploaded it. is still processing

It’s really a shame these trophies are limited to being cosmetic only

I actually got it first night.