Out of these weapons only must pick one

Ok pred lovers out of these weapons I’m gona mention which one and only one choice here would you like to see in the game. They all have a stealth kill action also. SK = stealth kill or downed ft

1: The pred whip
SK pred thrusts whip thro ft member bringing them back to him then he flicks it upwards splitting ft in half.

2:wolf’s Lazer mines
SK If equipped pred stabs ft with fist into stomach of ft but places the mine inside then the layers activate casing severe issues I reckon you’ll understand lol.

3: wolf’s duel plasma casters.
SK pick up ft by by neck and blows his face off with casters or if two ft are down close you pick both up and blast both their faces off.

What you think people mind one weapon.

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Sorry for the twitch thing didn’t see I had that up my apologies

Number 1, whip.

Laser mines. More predator gear is desperately needed.


Whip. A longer range, quick fire melee weapon is desperately needed.


I see people liking the whip so far this is cool.
Wonder if @IllFonic will consider such a weapon or all of the ones I’ve mentioned lol